Graduate education reform - Elimination of graduate faculty categories

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July 1, 2010

As part of graduate education restructuring, the six graduate faculty appointment categories recognized by the Graduate School were discontinued effective July 1, 2010. See Recommendation 5 in summary update on implementation of work-group recommendations sent by vice provost and dean Henning Schroeder on May 28.

The elimination of graduate faculty appointment categories results in a change to the Graduate School's role in the review and approval of milestone forms and faculty requests. Effective July 1, the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) office no longer includes verification of graduate faculty appointment levels (e.g., Senior Member, or Member/Advising) as part of the Graduate School review and approval process. The GSSP office now accepts the proposed adviser, chairperson, and/or committee members based on approval at the collegiate level.

While the Graduate School's role in these processes will change, no concomitant changes to the processes themselves are being made at this time. All currently enrolled and newly admitted graduate students will continue to follow existing processes and procedures until the new student-records infrastructure is created (see Recommendation #3 in the May summary update cited above).

For more detailed information, see "Implications for the Elimination of Graduate Faculty Categories on Degree Progress Processes," which describes changes to Graduate School and graduate program responsibilities related to the review and approval of milestone forms. This handout was distributed to college representatives in meetings June 29-30 and emailed to directors of graduate studies and DGS assistants on June 30.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact dean Henning Schroeder at or Karen Starry at

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