PCAS for graduate-level programs: Development and data collection

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Work is under way to incorporate graduate-level programs into the Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS). PCAS automates the approval of new and changed academic programs and dynamically populates the online academic catalog.

Two concurrent parts of the PCAS project are currently in progress:

  • Technical development of the user interface to enter graduate-level program data into PCAS. The target completion date for this part of the project is May 23, 2011.
  • The collection of critical program information for graduate-level academic programs. To facilitate the collection of this academic program information, the PCAS team distributed a toolkit to college catalog coordinators on Friday, March 25.

As a part of the information-gathering process, college catalog coordinators will distribute formatted worksheets--one for each graduate-level degree, minor, and certificate--to their contacts in each academic program. Where information exists in current catalogs, these worksheets have been pre-populated with some basic program information. However, the expertise of the Directors of Graduate Studies (DGSs) and DGS-assistants will be critical to the completion of these worksheets with accurate, currently-approved academic program details.

Colleges have been asked to review and submit their completed worksheets to the PCAS team for provost-level review by May 4, 2011. After final review, data entry will begin by the end of May; this first round of PCAS data entry will be performed centrally, as a service to colleges and departments.

The collective effort to implement PCAS for graduate-level programs will result in many substantial benefits:

  • Collegiate units will have simpler and improved access to and control of the information about their academic programs.
  • The process for updating existing academic programs, and advancing new program proposals through required approval levels will be faster and more transparent, as well as parallel to and consistent with the undergraduate process.
  • PCAS will feed a current, online and searchable catalog displaying graduate-level programs and requirements to current and prospective students.
  • The University will have a comprehensive inventory of all graduate-level programs.
An overview of the program worksheets will be presented during the graduate portion of the RAC meeting on April 4. Please contact Kristin Cleveland at cleve064@umn.edu if you have questions.

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