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UM Reports: Changes in fall 2011

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Adjustments to the "behind the scenes" structure of many UM Reports will be required, because of the change in college affiliation of graduate programs and students effective fall 2011. Changes to UM Reports fall into three categories, listed below. All changes are effective the first day of fall semester (September 6, 2011). Reports for summer term are all still functioning.

Retired/Streamlined reports

Analysis of eight graduate faculty reports revealed that all of the data these reports show can actually be viewed in only two reports. Retiring six of the reports and maintaining only two will allow for simplified data access and reduced maintenance going forward. Report users can utilize "filter" functionality to customize their report views.

  1. This report will be maintained: GS Faculty Role Detail report
    • These reports will be retired, because they contain the same data as above: Graduate School Active Advising and Committee Assignments; Graduate School All Advising and Committee Assignments (including historical data); Graduate School Active Advising Assignments; Graduate School All Advising Assignments (including historical data)
  2. This report will be combined: GS Faculty Advising/Committee Summary by Major or Minor
    • These reports will be retired as individual reports and combined into one, because they contain the same data as above: Graduate School Student Report for Minors; GS Faculty Advising/Committee Summary by Major (GO42)*

This change will be effective on the first day of fall semester (September 6, 2011). Graduate faculty will receive an email about the change, including instructions on how to use report filters to customize their report view, in late August.

Reports to be updated for fall 2011

The reports listed below need to be re-configured by OIT, because of changes to college affiliation in the academic data structure. They are on track to be functional by the first day of fall semester (September 6, 2011):

  • Graduate School Student Report (G032)*
  • English Language Proficiency - Eligibility for TAs
  • Graduate School Student Profile
  • Graduate School Degree Award
  • Eligibility for Lower Tuition Fringe Rate Assistantship
  • Degree Applicants
  • GS Faculty Appointment Record
  • GS Faculty Advising/Committee Summary by Major or Minor (GO42)*
  • GRAD 999 Enrollments
  • GS Student Non-Graded Course Enrollments
  • Graduate School Milestones and Committees
  • Graduate School Milestones
  • Graduate School Committee

Reports that are already set for fall 2011

These reports need no further re-configuration and are set to go for fall 2011:

  • Graduate Career Demographics
  • Graduate Students Hired on Higher Tuition
  • Fringe Rate who Qualify for Lower Rate
  • NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and
  • Post doctorates in Science and Engineering
  • Graduate Education Applications by Applicant
  • Graduate Education Applications by Program

Reminders and updates

Remember that reports with data effective summer 2011 are still functioning as usual; these changes are all effective fall 2011. Any updates and changes will be posted and sent to the RAC and DGS-Asst listservs. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kristeen Anderson in ASR.

*CORRECTIONS: On July 1, 2011, this posting was corrected in order to clarify the role of the GS Faculty Advising/Committee Summary by Major or Minor report. The Graduate School Student Report (G032) was also added to the list of reports to be modified by fall 2011; it had been omitted by mistake. 

Registrar's Advisory Committee: June and July

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Presentation files and handouts from the June meeting of the Registrar's Advisory Committee (RAC) are now available on the student administrative processes project website's presentation archive page. Meeting minutes will be distributed by mid-June.

The July RAC meeting will be held from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Monday, July 11, in 275 Nicholson Hall.

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