PCAS for graduate-level programs: Development and process update

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Work to incorporate graduate-level programs into the Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS) continues. A PCAS system update is nearing completion, and the first graduate program data entry is expected to begin by the end of July.

Since April, more than 500 program worksheets have been completed and returned through the college catalog coordinators. Data entry is scheduled for August and September, followed by an opportunity for programs to review their entered data in October. The target go-live date for the PCAS-generated online graduate catalog is late November.

Data entry is a collaborative effort of Academic Support Resources and the Graduate School. The data from the worksheets will be entered centrally by 2-3 student workers supervised by Jon Poppele. Jon brings experience from working on two previous issues of the Graduate School catalog. Data quality review is being coordinated by Joe Shultz in the Provost's Office and Vicki Field in the Graduate School. Once the entered data has been reviewed in PCAS by programs, it will be exported to the PDF version of the catalog by Kristin Cleveland in University Relations.

Until the new online catalog and PDF version are available, the current 2009-11 Graduate School Catalog will be extended with a short supplement containing a summary of key changes, to be posted online on or around August 15. This will constitute the interim, transitional catalog. The new PDF version of the catalog is expected to be completed in late December or early January and will incorporate many of the new and revised graduate education policies that are currently under review.

Thanks to all the program and college staff who are contributing to this project.

For more information about this project, see the March 31 post about PCAS. If you have questions, contact Kristin Cleveland at cleve064@umn.edu or 624-1682 or Jon Poppele at poppele@umn.edu.

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