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"Building a Better Graduate Program - Rethinking Program Evaluation" will be the theme of the second Graduate and Professional Education Assembly on Monday, April 18.

Evaluation experts Chris Golde and George Walker, collaborators involved in the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate, will be the keynote speakers and facilitators for an interactive assembly. Faculty and students will work together to generate and develop ideas toward students-outcomes-based program assessment.

The Graduate and Professional Education Assembly brings together faculty, staff, and students from both graduate and professional programs across the University. It was established based on recommendations of the work group on graduate education, whose report was accepted by the Provost in May 2010. The first assembly was held in November.

In-person registration for the spring 2011 assembly is already full, but participation is encouraged by live webcast. See the event page.

Graduate Education Council

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October 5, 2010

The restructuring work groups recommended creation of a Graduate Education Council to review and act on

  • proposals for new and changed Ph.D. programs
  • results of internal and external program reviews of these programs
  • the revision and updating of new graduate education policies
  • providing input to the Graduate and Professional Assembly and its agendas

The council will be chaired by the vice provost and dean of graduate education, have about 15-20 members representing graduate programs in all the colleges, and include student representatives as well as faculty. It will replace some of the functions formerly carried out in the Graduate School's policy and review councils.

In the first year, 2010-11, a provisional council has been convened with members appointed in consultation with the college deans. Election of the permanent council is one the first items of business.

The provisional council met for the first time on October 5 and will continue to meet every four to six weeks. Dates are posted on the Graduate School calendar.


July 1, 2010

Dean Henning Schroeder convened representatives from the colleges in meetings June 29-30 to begin the implementation process for graduate education restructuring. They agreed to meet on a continuing basis for the coming year, approximately monthly, to facilitate the process.

A list of the college representatives, named by their deans, is provided here to promote communication among the group and University community.

See also the archive of meeting materials.


College of Biological Sciences: Clarence Lehman and Tom Hays, associate deans for research and graduate education

College of Continuing Education: Bob Stine, associate dean

School of Dentistry: Steve Shuman, associate professor and director of graduate studies

College of Design: Lee Anderson, associate dean for academic affairs

College of Education & Human Development: Kenneth Bartlett, associate dean for graduate programs

College of Food, Agricultural & Natural Resources Science: Abel Ponce de Leon, senior associate dean

Law School: TBD

College of Liberal Arts: Jo-Ida Hansen, associate dean for research and graduate programs

Carlson School of Management: Sri Zaheer, associate dean, with Shawn Curley, professor and director of graduate studies

Medical School: Yoji Shimizu, professor

School of Nursing: Linda Lindeke, director of graduate studies

College of Pharmacy: Richard Brundage, interim associate dean for graduate studies

Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs: Greg Lindsey, associate dean

School of Public Health: Mary Ellen Nerney, senior director of educational operations

College of Science and Engineering: Wayne Gladfelter, associate dean

College of Veterinary Medicine: Mark Rutherford, associate professor

Duluth: Tim Holst, associate vice chancellor

Rochester: Claudia Neuhauser, vice chancellor

June 14, 2010

A Graduate School Policy Review Committee has been formed to review and update existing graduate education policies that are currently found in a variety of formats, including the Graduate School catalog and constitution. As outlined in its charge letter from Cathrine Wambach, chair of the University Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP), the group's goal is to present policies to the Senate at the end of spring semester 2011.

Associate professor Nita Krevans is chairing the committee, which includes several other faculty members and staff representatives from the Provost's office, University Policy Office, Graduate School, Council of Graduate Students, and Academic Support Resources.

The committee began meeting in July, assembling a list of topics that should be considered while reviewing existing policy content, as well as identifying where new policies might need to be developed. As with the review of undergraduate educational policies, a significant effort will be made to get feedback on the proposed policies.

If you have questions or have information that might assist the committee with its charge, please contact

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