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Five graduate education policies posted for review

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The following message is posted on behalf of Nita Krevans, associate professor and chair of the Graduate Education Policy Review Committee.

Five policies developed by the Graduate Education Policy Review committee have now been approved by the President's Policy Committee and posted for a 30-day public comment period at Because of the Senate and PPC calendar, this public comment period falls during summer break and we wanted to make sure that groups involved in graduate education were notified about the comment period. Please forward this email to anyone else you think may wish to comment on the policies.

I have summarized the policies below and provided a direct link to each posting on the Policy Library website; significant changes from previous Graduate School policies are noted in capital letters but that these policies apply to all post-baccalaureate degrees except first professional degrees (JD, MD, PharmD, DVM, DDS, LLM) and many policies will therefore be new for programs which were not formerly affiliated with the Graduate School.

Please note that

  • existing programs will not be required to be in compliance with policies that may require curriculum revision until 2013
  • Directors of Graduate Studies currently serving are grandfathered for the remainder of their appointment term

The policies are:

Adding, Changing, or Discontinuing Academic Plans
(Revises previous policy in line with new approval process.)

Appointments as Directors of Graduate Studies
(Continues previous policy, bases appointments in collegiate units.)

Application of Graduate Credits to Degree Requirements
(Continues, with REVISIONS TO LIMITS ON NON-DEGREE COURSEWORK, policies for transfer of graduate credits from other institutions or application of University graduate credits across programs.)

Credit Requirements for Master's and Doctoral Degrees
(Sets minimum AND MAXIMUM required credits for graduate degrees INCLUDING doctoral degrees; CONTAINS NO REQUIREMENT FOR COURSEWORK OUTSIDE THE MAJOR FIELD.)

Leave of Absence and Reinstatement from a Leave: Graduate Students
(NEW: Establishes a process for leaves of absence for graduate students who unexpectedly need to interrupt their studies. Parallels the already-existing undergraduate policy.)

There is a comment link attached to each policy; more general queries about the work of the committee can go to

Thank you!

Nita Krevans, Chair, Graduate Education Policy Review Committee

Graduate education policies under review can be tracked

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A Graduate Education Policy Review Committee was charged last year to review, update, and integrate existing graduate education policies and procedures with University-wide academic program policies, procedures, and definitions.

A list of policy drafts under discussion and five draft policies are now available on the Graduate Education Transition webpage at .

Nine graduate education policies are currently in development. In addition to these "new" policies, five existing policies will be revised. Drafts that have reached a certain stage of development are being posted for review. This informal review will not substitute for the 30-day review period offered once the President's Policy Committee (PPC) has approved the policy.

The first policy to be completed and added to the U-wide Policy Library was Appointments to Graduate Examination Committees, which specifies eligibility to serve on graduate examination committees and outlines college responsibilities for approving committee appointments. This policy was effective in February.

All education policies (graduate and undergraduate) in the Uwide Policy Library are located under Education, in the Education and Student Life category on the Policy Homepage. The policies are published using the standard format used for all administrative policies. In the near future, subfolders will be created to make it easier for students to find policies that apply to them (All Students, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students).

Portions of this announcement first appeared in the Policy Post on April 7.

June 14, 2010

A Graduate School Policy Review Committee has been formed to review and update existing graduate education policies that are currently found in a variety of formats, including the Graduate School catalog and constitution. As outlined in its charge letter from Cathrine Wambach, chair of the University Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP), the group's goal is to present policies to the Senate at the end of spring semester 2011.

Associate professor Nita Krevans is chairing the committee, which includes several other faculty members and staff representatives from the Provost's office, University Policy Office, Graduate School, Council of Graduate Students, and Academic Support Resources.

The committee began meeting in July, assembling a list of topics that should be considered while reviewing existing policy content, as well as identifying where new policies might need to be developed. As with the review of undergraduate educational policies, a significant effort will be made to get feedback on the proposed policies.

If you have questions or have information that might assist the committee with its charge, please contact

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