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December 14, 2010

Belinda Cheung has been named assistant vice provost for graduate education, a key role in the ongoing restructuring of graduate and professional education at the University of Minnesota. The appointment was announced today by Henning Schroeder, vice provost and dean for graduate education, and is expected to be effective January 3.

The new position is configured to guide the implementation process for the restructuring of graduate education and related policy changes, act as a link between the Graduate School and the wider University community, staff committees and represent the office on other committees, serve as chief of staff and direct human resources activities in the office, and participate in the budget and compact processes on behalf of the Graduate School. This position was created after significant staff reductions over the past year as part of the Graduate School's reorganization.

Cheung brings more than 20 years of experience at the University, including earning a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutics and leading as a researcher and administrator in the College of Pharmacy. She joined the Graduate School in January 2010 to serve in a temporary position as associate to the vice provost and dean, aiding in the leadership transition and a pivotal period of the restructuring.

"Belinda brings exceptionally strong analytical skills that have contributed greatly to the progress we have made over the past year in graduate and professional education restructuring efforts," said Schroeder. "She also has a valuable international perspective gained from her years in the Hong Kong educational system."

Cheung was selected after an internal search by a committee led by Bob McMaster, dean of undergraduate education, which recommended finalists to Schroeder.

Contact: Gayla Marty, Graduate School communications, 612-626-3314

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