Gray a hopeful and key part to a gopher team

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The former college drop-out Marqueis Gray is poised to lead the gophers even when they are down.

The young and quick Gray has faced a number of hard tests from a broken arm, a grandmother's death to a battle with a teams veteran quarterback.

The 6-4 multifaceted quarterback was an immediate favorite of then gopher's head coach Jim Brewster. After the gopher's tough defeat to Michigan St., there were those who were quick to notice that teams will "have their hands full," with Gray next season says Mark Dantonio, Spartan defensive coordinator.

After struggling through injury and watching the game from the sideline, "I've been trying to get better and my team has been trying to get better," said Gray."

Gopher's athletic director Joel Maturi recognizes the athletes growth. "He knows when to run and when not to run," said Maturi.

At the end of the the Michigan St. game an exhausted Gray walked into the locker room after coming close to the win, but showing everyone what a young player like Gray can add to a young team.

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