Perry worst debate performance ever.

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It was painful to watch. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry struggled in the CNBC debate on Wednesday night.

It was most painful when Perry stopped, started, stuttered and finally said I don't know, "oops," when he failed to remember the name of three government agencies he would cut. "Environment," chimed in Mitt Romney, the failing Perry quickly answered, "no, but we do need to cut that." Perry said.

Some are calling it the worst debate performance ever, comparing it to gaffes like the one made by President Carter, claiming there was no russian empire--a fact the cold war found profoundly untrue, according to an articled by ABC news.

Supporters on the Perry side are pushing back. "He's a regular person who makes regular mistakes," said Mark Miner a Perry campaign spokesmen.

Perry is scheduled to make an appearance on the Later Show with David Letterman in effort to downplay the debate flub.

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