Steve Jobs founder of Apple dies

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Steve Jobs, the visionary who transformed computers and the way we use them died from pancreatic cancer on Friday in California.

Founder of the Apple Co. and creator of numerous products of which weren't just aesthetically pleasing but functional as well.

His philosophy was "to strip away the excess layers of business, design and innovation until only the simple, elegant reality remained," said Regis McKenna, a longtime Silicon Valley marketing executive who has worked with Jobs.

Starting with the launch of the Apple II computer in 1977, Jobs grew Apple into a global company worth $350 billion.

One of the biggest innovation was in how Jobs influenced the music industry with the release of the ipod in 2001, followed by the itunes mp3 store shortly after. "He saved the music industry," writes Ed Nash, President of Altius Management an entertainment management company in Nashville.

The CEO, innovator and pioneer was 56.

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