Walker recall effort set to begin

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An effort to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker finally set to kick off on Tuesday.

The controversial governor, whose stiff union busting laws brought strong statewide protests is expected to be involved in a democratic push to remove him from office for overstepping his authority as governor.

"Soon after he (walker) took office he proposed a radical change to state law," wrote Wisconsin democratic party chairman Mike Tate. "To preserve Wisconsin, we must begin the Walker recall immediately."

Walker is not alone. In addition to Walker as many as 17 senators could also face recall elections as well according to reuters. Still no word from democrats on who those senators are.

Already both sides are arguing about campaign contributions Walker has received to fight the recall effort. We shouldn't "allow walker to get all the sleezy cash he can get his hands on." said Tate.

November 15 is when the effort is set to begin.

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