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Walker recall effort set to begin

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An effort to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker finally set to kick off on Tuesday.

The controversial governor, whose stiff union busting laws brought strong statewide protests is expected to be involved in a democratic push to remove him from office for overstepping his authority as governor.

"Soon after he (walker) took office he proposed a radical change to state law," wrote Wisconsin democratic party chairman Mike Tate. "To preserve Wisconsin, we must begin the Walker recall immediately."

Walker is not alone. In addition to Walker as many as 17 senators could also face recall elections as well according to reuters. Still no word from democrats on who those senators are.

Already both sides are arguing about campaign contributions Walker has received to fight the recall effort. We shouldn't "allow walker to get all the sleezy cash he can get his hands on." said Tate.

November 15 is when the effort is set to begin.

Gray a hopeful and key part to a gopher team

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The former college drop-out Marqueis Gray is poised to lead the gophers even when they are down.

The young and quick Gray has faced a number of hard tests from a broken arm, a grandmother's death to a battle with a teams veteran quarterback.

The 6-4 multifaceted quarterback was an immediate favorite of then gopher's head coach Jim Brewster. After the gopher's tough defeat to Michigan St., there were those who were quick to notice that teams will "have their hands full," with Gray next season says Mark Dantonio, Spartan defensive coordinator.

After struggling through injury and watching the game from the sideline, "I've been trying to get better and my team has been trying to get better," said Gray."

Gopher's athletic director Joel Maturi recognizes the athletes growth. "He knows when to run and when not to run," said Maturi.

At the end of the the Michigan St. game an exhausted Gray walked into the locker room after coming close to the win, but showing everyone what a young player like Gray can add to a young team.

Journalist David Olson dies at 72

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Longtime director at University of Minnesota radio station KUAM, Justin Olson dies at 72.

Known for being able to interview anyone. He once interviewed the Princess Kays of the Milky Way while she posed for her butter sculpture.

Known popularly as Radio K, Olson worked at KUAM and was both and director and anchor.

The Mendota resident was also a family man, photography buff and aviation enthusiast.

Stadium deal still being debated

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Debating still goes on for the downtown vikings site proposed by Mayor R.T. Rybak on Friday.

Gov. Mark Dayton toured the proposed Arden Hills site for the new Vikings Stadium on Friday, but says "I continue to be even handed to any site as long as it's in Minnesota," said the governor.

While lawmakers are pushing back on Dayton's idea to hold a special session to address the vikings issue. "Special sessions are for flooding or tornadoes," said Rep. Bob Dettmer.

And overall lawmakers are still debating the feasibility of the proposals. "The state doesn't have $300 million sitting around in a slush fund," said Rep Mary Kiffmeyer.

Vikings cornerback Chris Cook has been arrested and charged with domestic abuse by strangulation says an affidavit obtained by the Pioneer Press on Tuesday.

The cornerback who is known as jersey number 31 and sports the seemingly required dreadlocks that many in the NFL's secondary do, went to twitter to claim his innocence. "There's always two sides to a story!!," he tweeted.

Cook, 24, was arrested on Saturday at his home in Eden Prarie after an argument with his girlfriend where he learned she had spoken with an ex-boyfriend. Neighbors called the police who found a bloodied woman sitting on floor holding her neck and sobbing.

The affidavit says she freed herself by grabbing Cook's shoulder length dreadlocks, after which he attacked her again.

Earlier this year Cook was found not guilty of pulling a firearm on a neighbor at his home in Virginia.

Cook is facing a possible sentence of three years.

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