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How connected is too connected?

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For many people their smartphone sits close by at all times. Taking a break can be an impossible thing.

"If we can't disconnect how far are we from becoming addicts?" asks Kay Roseland of Richfield.

Stanford even released a study proving as much and even found that 75% of iphone users confess to always having the phone near them, even while sleeping.

The term iphone window is used to describe how someone lost in the iphone screen can seem like they are staring off into nowhere.

"Unplugging is crucial for memory, relaxation and getting back in touch with loved ones," writes Julio Ojeda-Zapata for the Pioneer Press.

Yet others seem more stressed when forced to unplug.

"There were times when people had to print out maps for trips," writes a MacWorld reviewer.

Immortals, a bad movie but big seller.

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Critics have panned it, but fans love it. Box office hit, Immortals brought in an unexpected $32 million over the weekend.

Critics said the film was confusing. "Nothing more than 300 with 3d," wrote a critic on CNN.

Yet, reviewers on rotten tomatoes, however seemed much more enthusiastic. "The CGI is rendered with imaginative care," wrote one reviewer.

The film's popularity yet lack of narrative are not a concern for audience members. And reviewers even go to great lengths to explain that a lack of narrative is acceptable in the face of such outstanding CGI.

"I didn't go to Immortals expecting to see an Oscar epic," wrote the reviewer. "I went be entertained."

Audience members continue to pore into movies and pay higher prices for 3d movies.

Perry worst debate performance ever.

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It was painful to watch. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry struggled in the CNBC debate on Wednesday night.

It was most painful when Perry stopped, started, stuttered and finally said I don't know, "oops," when he failed to remember the name of three government agencies he would cut. "Environment," chimed in Mitt Romney, the failing Perry quickly answered, "no, but we do need to cut that." Perry said.

Some are calling it the worst debate performance ever, comparing it to gaffes like the one made by President Carter, claiming there was no russian empire--a fact the cold war found profoundly untrue, according to an articled by ABC news.

Supporters on the Perry side are pushing back. "He's a regular person who makes regular mistakes," said Mark Miner a Perry campaign spokesmen.

Perry is scheduled to make an appearance on the Later Show with David Letterman in effort to downplay the debate flub.

CBS Commentator Andy Rooney dies at 92

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Andy Rooney, the outspoken curmudgeon commentator on the CBS program 60 minutes died on Friday in New York City. He was 92.

Rooney used his segment, "A Few MInutes With Andy Rooney," as spring board for his witty, yet abrasive comments on everything from the proper design of a coat to the tuition at colleges.

"Andy Rooney occupied a special place in the hearts of Americans," said Sean McManus former president of CBS News. Even when controversial comments were sometimes enough to get Rooney suspended.

Rooney was drawn to journalism from the start and once commented that the luckiest thing that ever happened to him was landing a job with the Armed Forces newspaper, Stars and Stripes when he was private in the Army in 1942.

Asked about retirement in 2010 he shot back, "retire...from what? life?" Rooney said.

Lasting from 1978-2011 the segment was a regular part of the CBS show 60 minutes.

Record snowfall in the Northeast

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More than 4 million people are without power in the northeastern part of the country after a snowstorm dumped record amounts of heavy snow on Saturday.

The storm recorded record snowfall in Plainfield, Massachusetts where 27 inches fell. Heavy branches, which still carried leaves are being attributed to the additional havoc.

Many voiced surprise at how sudden and heavy the snow fell. "We are expecting extensive and long term power outages," said Conneticut Gov. P. Mallow.

The amount of snowfall in places crushed records as far back as a 100 years in some cases, according to National Weather Service spokesman Chris Vaccaro.

CDC recommends that boys receive the HPV vaccine

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that boys receive the HPV vaccine on Tuesday.

The vaccine, which has been criticized by GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachman for "causing mental retardation," is already given to females between the ages of 9 and 26. While others criticize the vaccine as just "a license for young people to be sexually active," writes Fox News.

Now the CDC is advising boys between the ages of of 11 and 21 receive the vaccine.

The vaccine is given to prevent the human papilloma virus which is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause certain types of cancers. Of all sexually transmitted diseases it is ranked at number one, with at least 50% of sexually active people contracting at some point in their lives.

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