May 3, 2009

Final Project

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May 1, 2009

Graphic Novel/Comics


Comic/Graphic Novels
I have done some research on graphic novels and comic books. I have never read any graphic novels and did not really get into the comic books. There is clearly a reason for this and it is because most of the books have been turned into movies that I have seen. Superman, X-Men, Spiderman and Batman are my favorites. Batman is by far my favorite of all of these though. The first Batman comic book came out in 1940 by DC Comics. He has no super powers. Instead he wins by intellect, detective skills, and some fighting skills. Now, this may sound somewhat strange but I was not a big fan of Batman Begins. Further, I'm still not a fan of Christian Bale being Batman even though The Dark Knight was a really good movie.
My favorite Batman is and will remain to be Michael Keaton. My reasoning is he just played a good Batman and I grew up watching him first. Batman was a TV show first with Adam West as Batman. Sometimes those episodes will make it back on TV from time to time and they are actually pretty good (if you are in to that sort of thing). Unfortunately Michael Keaton only stuck around for two Batman movies, and after he left Val Kilmer and George Clooney each took one movie. They were not bad Batman's but they just weren't as good.
The first advertisement I remember seeing is a Diet Coke commercial just before the first Batman movie. It showed Batman going to get more after Alfred told him there was only one left. The one thing that everyone knows about Batman without even watching it is the famous Bat signal. Basically what this signal is is a huge flood light with a cutout of a bat over top of the light. When shined to the sky, the bat graphic and light show up in the sky visible for everyone to see, especially Batman when he is needed.
There have been quite a few villains in the TV series, only a few made it into the movies. The most well know, most famous villain would be the Joker. In the first movie the Joker was played by Jack Nicholson. In the most recent movie, the Joker was played by Heath Ledger. Both of these Jokers were played by two very good actors that really got right into the act. The Batman comic books had quite a few villains such as the Penguin, Catwoman, Two Face, Poison Ivy, and The Riddler to name a few of the most common well known ones.


The next movie I have seen most recently is Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond movie. Ian Fleming in my mind is a genius, because of his books there have been 22 James Bond films using six different James Bond’s. The first James Bond was Sean Connery. He was in the first five movies before they decided George Lazenby was going to be the next Bond. When he didn’t do as well as they hoped for after Sean Connery so they brought Connery back. He was back for one more movie before he hung up James Bond for good. Roger Moore took over for the next seven movies before yielding to Timothy Dalton. After Dalton did two movies, Pierce Brosnan did four movies as James Bond and most recently Daniel Craig has taken over as Bond. I liked the Pierce Brosnan Bond the best, even though it was far-fetched at times. It was because of Brosnan that I started to watch the 007 movies. The reason again was because he was in the time that I was growing up. The other James Bond that I like was Roger Moore. He always knew the right thing to say at the right times. Every year there is a James Bond marathon on Spike TV around Christmas time so the best Bond movies get played. It’s just a good time. Basically Batman and James Bond were two of my movie hero’s when I was growing up.

April 25, 2009

Week 9

Blink 182.jpg Blink 182 This band is a band I listen to quite a bit. I have been listening to them a lot lately and even more now that they are going to do a reunion tour. This self titled album is a very good one because, at least I think, all of the songs are great songs. If you are in to this type of music this is an album that can be listened to repeatedly from beginning to end. About the band members. Formed in 1992, the band called just Blink at the time included three friends from California, Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor. While they were together they prduced albums Cheshire Cat, and Dude Ranch. It wasn't until 1998 while the band was on tour that they decided to replace Raynor with Travis Barker and every album that Blink 182 has produced since has been with DeLonge, Hoppus, and Barker. Raynor had a bit of a drinking problem. The name of the band Blink had to be changed due to some legal issues because some irish pop band had the same name. So Blink 182 was what they were known to be. The bands first single that made the charts was the song Damnit. It wasn't a number one hit by any means but it did well none the less. Damnit was on the album Dude Ranch the bands second album. After Dude Ranch, the band put out Enema of the State, The Mark, Tom, and Travis show their live album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, and their most recent self titled album along with some DVD's and appeared in the American Pie movie. This band made it big with toilet humour, but the songs were very catchy. At the peak of their success, the band started to fight. This is just like any other relationship there are going to be fights. Tom wanted to spend some more time with his family, and created the band Boxcar Racer. He said he just wanted to see if he could get some different ideas out and had every intention of rejoining Blink 182. Mark felt that Tom was betraying him and more fights arose. In 2005 Tom reached a breaking point and told his manager that he was done with Blink 182. This started a 4 year hiatus. From the hiatus Mark and Travis created the band +44 and have had some success. Travis had his own reality show, Meet the Barkers as well. Tom went on to create the band Angels and Airwaves with a couple other friends from California. Angels and Airwaves has had some success, a bit more than +44 putting out the albums We Don't Need to Whisper debuting at number 4 on the Billboard 200 and I-Empire. +44 put out an album called When Your Heart Stops Beating debuting at number 10 on the Billboard. From the time that Tom left Blink 182, he didn't speak to Mark or was even in the same room as him for quite some time. The three of them were not on stage together since 2004. Then an unfortunate even happened that turned out to be a blessing all at the same time. Travis was involved in a plane crash in which he was severely burned. He survived the accident. For the first time in a few years Tom, Mark and Travis were in the same room together. Tom and Mark worked out their issues and both concluded that life was too short to not be friends anymore. The band appeared at this years Grammy's and Travis announced that the band was reforming by saying, "we used to play music together, and we decided we're going to play music together again." Mark added "Blink 182 is back!" In February Tom confirmed everything by saying they were touring this summer. So to conclude this whole deal Blink 182 is back!!!!!!

8 news

April 20, 2009
Somali shoots at cop 2 minutes
Something in Edina 2 minutes
Franken beats Coleman 30 seconds
MN DFL on drink and smoke taxes 30 Seconds
Park Nicollet Jobs are letting 233 people go 30 seconds
Lake Delton stocked with minnows 30 seconds
Severe weather awareness week 30 seconds
WEATHER 2 minutes
Commercials Mentalist, not sure, Fleet Farm, make taxes fair, allergies 3 minutes
Michele Tafoya coming to WCCO 1 minute
Car Dealership Walser open today 1 minute
Weather 3 minutes
Commercials Mccarthy Cadillac, Kooza?, Menards, Colorado, Allergy astepro, weight loss seattle Sutton 3 minutes
Sports 4 minutes
News Bulldogs 30 seconds

Since I have moved in with the people I live with now, we watch the news all the time. So when this assignment came up (and I finally did it) it wasn't that hard to do. I noticed that there are commercials in everything. Commercials are a very huge annoyance when trying to watch a program. In fact the guy I live with is so sick of commercials that he actually cancelled the cable because of it. This didn't make any amount of sense to me because even on standard basic cable channels there is still commercials. Wow, I got a little side tracked there. Anyway, the news channel that I like the most is WCCO. I like how Frank and Amelia present the news. The news channel that I dislike the most has to be Fox news. Fox news is a blatantly obvious republican news channel that will analyze if our president sneezes wrong during an interview. It is what it is I guess. I grew up watching and listening to WCCO and just like how it's presented and I like the people doing the presenting. On the radio I'm a fan of Don Shelby for sure and of course Sid Hartman. I like how Sid doesn't take anybodys crap when they call up and ask stupid questions on Sundays. That about wraps up my rant about the news section.

April 22, 2009


I, like a lot of people I know now days have joined facebook. Facebook is truely evil. If a person is not careful it can surely become an addiction and take up mostly all of their time. I am addicted to a game on facebook called Fish Wrangler. The object of the game is to catch fish and gain points to work up to a bigger better pole or a bigger better boat or better skills. Facebook is really a huge social network. People from all over the world can participate. My cousin is in Iraq and just joined facebook so we chatted a little bit the other day. It was nice to talk to him for a little bit before he had to go to bed. One of the guys on my fishing crew is from a different country so people use facebook everywhere. Facebook is somewhat of a good tool for staying in contact with people you don't get to see all that often. However, facebook can be a way to stalk people too and I do know a person that actually stalks people and it is quite creepy. Still, facebook allows people to post pictures and even advertising to their pages. When I fish I notice there are lots of advertisements around the screen. On the top it has mostly advertising video games. On the sides it's more like dating web sites, how to get rich quick methods and sports things. Facebook is really not evil, it's a good tool to get events and such out there for people to know about. It can just be a time suck though sometimes.
One thing I know about youtube is that most of the videos I watch are funny. One video one of my friends showed me was the SNL Natalie Portman rap. Wow, I recommend watching that, it's funny. The very first video I ever watched on youtube was right after Bert Blyleven dropped two F bombs on live Tv from Yankee Stadium in New York. That was funny as well. On a more serious note, youtube has brought fame to some people. For example the Chocolate Rain guy. There is a comment section on all of the videos, and some of the comments can get kind of nasty if the video is really weird or people know the person and just bash them the whole time. I am a fan of youtube because it just makes me laugh. I have never made a video to put on to youtube but I watch them to laugh and occasionally watch some music video. Oh yeah, there is a good way to get out their is put up a youtube video of your band. It could help I guess. At any rate, either of these two tools is a good way to get a message out about anything you want. I recommend not putting out too much personal information out though.

March 1, 2009

Week 6

Love and Sex. Now these two things are very confusing. Perfect examples are from the show Two and a Half Men. Both of the things are displayed, one a lot more than the other. The best example of love from the show is Charlie letting Allen and his son Jake live with him in his Malibu beach home when Allen gets divorced from his wife. It is a very vague display but it is still there. The sex on the show is shown all the time. Charlie has multiple women, multiple highly attractive women for the most part. At least one new one on every episode. What the whole deal with the show is, is that Jake is a kid growing up having to see all of this going on. His father, Allen, doesn't want him to see such things at his age and tries to protect him from all of it. Charlie and Allen very much dislike their mother and she is so stuck on herself that she cannot figure out why. She was exactly how Charlie is while she was supposed to be a mother so both Charlie and Allen think she is nuts. Mix all this love and sex together and you get one very funny show.
With that being said, this show could almost be of some real life. The part I didn't mention was that Charlie usually picks these girls up at a bar. There are people that go out to bars all the time with the intention of picking up girls. It happens every weekend for sure some place. Another thing about Charlie is that he wears khaki shorts, bowling shirts, and loafers. As people are watching this, in the backs of their minds they are thinking if thats all it will take, and go to the store and pick up some of the same types of bowling shirt, or khaki shorts. What is displayed on this show is somewhat of a reality but most likely not. I do know that girls do like some confidence, but not arrogance usually. Charlie is a sweet talker he says pretty much the right thing every time. Thats just it, not everyone can say the right thing every time, and you may get away with it or you may not. The thing that helps Charlie the absolute most is he has a lot of money and a Malibu beach home.

I believe the media does support this type of life style. I'm gonna get into sports and rock stars here too. The media is super obsessed with sex as is everyone else. Sex sells. Places take half naked attractive women a lot of the time and place them in the ads to sell their products. Rock stars first. It is not unusual to hear or see that big rock bands have lots of women surrounding them. The one person that I can think of off the top of my head that always had women surrounding him in his video's and even wrote a song about Beautiful Girls is no other than David Lee Roth (Van Halen lead singer for those who didn't know). He had and still has fame, money, and stood on the top of the world (not his song though, standing on top of the world was a sammy hagar song). The point here is that he put sex into his songs and videos and it sold very well. It helped that the music was awesome too though thats for sure. Sports Illustrated always has their annual swimsuit edition one month of the year. The other 11 months of the year are generally of what sport is going on at that time of year. So summer is baseball, winter basketball, you get the point. Sex and love are sometimes actually mixed in the Swimsuit edition when they take a sport player and his/her spouse and put them in swimsuits and photograph them. They are selling sex, but at the same time seem happily married and in love.

We see sex sold all the time, however, we are also prudes. We as a general people get very upset or uneasy if we see public displays of affection. An example of this actually happened to me during high school, apparently holding hands with a girl is a crime in high school, let alone kissing. I actually had to go to the office because of this. What is it about it that makes people uneasy? When people get married they kiss in front of a large group of people and we have it set up so that they kiss in front of God as well. Not getting into religion just an example. Our culture is set up that sex is everywhere, yet when we get down to it, its supposed to be this private thing to do, or something very uneasy to talk about. It doesn't make any sense. At some schools they are teaching that abstinence is the only way to go. Good one, that was with sarcasm, we are so uneasy about sex we can't even tell students if they are going to do it anyway to be protected, use a condom, or get on birth control. Like I said before it just doesn't make any sense. That is about where I am going to leave this.

February 25, 2009

Assignement 4

Audience analysis. I really like the Coors Light example because I can relate to that. My first choice though is not Coors but I get the picture. The commercials and billboards are geared towards young people for sure, especially those that do watch football. Also, the other commercials with the train coming through makes it look like it is very cold, very refreshing, and very fun to drink especially with other people. Like most things, Coors Light has used sex to try to sell, and it works quite well. Car ads use half naked girls all the time in their pictures, I mean the classic old car magazines with the girl laying on the hood in a bikini. I surely wouldn't use sex in my classroom but I would find something appealing to high school kids in the form of posters to put up around the room.

Femenist . This really goes well with the bikini girls on the hood of the cars. Advertising rarely shows a heavier girl when they are trying to sell anything. There have been a standard we set on how a womans body should look, how women should act, and other related things of that sort. There are plenty of jokes about how women should be in the kitchen and things of that sort as well. I'm not going to tell them but they are there. Or how about the generalization that women are more caring than men. Everyone thinks that, but it is not always the truth. There are plenty of men that can be caring and gentle. I dont have an example off the top of my head but its true.

Narrative analysis. The book uses the example of Lord of the Rings. The road they are on is very hard, very challenging and seems like it is never going to end. The odds are stacked against them every step of the way. This is the way I see life sometimes. For most of us, our road is hard, and the odds are stacked against us. What do we do? We go to school to better ourselves. Or we just get good at a skill and better ourselves that way.

Postmodernism. There are a few definitions of this. These are them, related to the present", the movement of modernism and the following reaction of postmodernism are defined by a set of perspectives, a style and concept in the arts characterized by distrust of theories and ideologies and by the drawing of attention to conventions, of, relating to, or being an era after a modern one" or "of, relating to, or being any of various movements in reaction to modernism that are typically characterized by a return to traditional materials and forms (as in architecture) or by ironic self-reference and absurdity (as in literature)", or finally "of, relating to, or being a theory that involves a radical reappraisal of modern assumptions about culture, identity, history, or language, and finally Of or relating to art, architecture, or literature that reacts against earlier modernist principles, as by reintroducing traditional or classical elements of style or by carrying modernist styles or practices to extremes. My brothers band sings a song about postmodernism. It took me a couple times to understand what they were talking about but it is about some form of postmodern reality. Basically the life we live now where we are expected to go to high school and then follow it up with college and get a job.

Postconstructionalist analysis. We first pick out right and wrong, good and evil, black and white, male and female, and so on. It is just a natural thing that everyone does. I always think of oreo cookies. I as well as many people, have always thought that the white part tastes better than the black. And then to top it off the whole cookie tastes better dipped in milk. The example of the Coors Light beer commercial comes up again with men drinking beer being associated with football, racing, rock music and drinking with friends looking for girls. The female side to this is they are drinking with their friends and being sexually appealing to males. This may be a stereotype somewhat too because this just happens naturally at the bars, maybe not with Coors Light beer all the time but it isn't uncommon for girls to go out with girls and for guys to go out with guys.

February 8, 2009


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Assignment 3 Film, Video

For this assignment I chose to use the television show NCIS. The scene I chose is from season 6 episode 7 and the name of the episode is Collateral Damage. This show can be found on the CBS website.

That is the link there. At any rate the scene I chose is about 3:43 into the show. What happens is there is a bank robbery and a guard or police man gets shot in the head and killed. The scene starts with a close up of the victim dead on the ground. The shot is actually pictures being taken of him so there are 3 photo shots of him. The next shot is a medium shot of agent Mcgee kneeling down taking the pictures, which breaks right into a low angle cameo shot of Mcgee with agent Gibbs walking into the door and a coroner in the background. The next shot is an establishing shot of the bank that shows the crime scene, the agents in the room and the fact that it the bank looks pretty high security. After the establishing shot, there is a medium shot of agent Gibbs and then a close up of the victim laying on the floor again which pans from his head down to his gun holster revealing he never drew his weapon, he didn't have time. The next shot is a low angle shot of Mcgee standing up with Gibbs to his left, our right, bent over looking at the body. The next shot is a medium shot of agent Ziva David for just a second for her to say a line and right back to a medium shot of Gibbs. Then there was a photograph of the victims gun followed by a low angle shot of agent Gibbs and Donald Mallard the coroner. The next shot is a two shot with Gibbs and Dr. Mallard, then a close up of Gibbs while Dr. Mallard is talking, and a close up of Dr. Mallard while he is still talking. The next shot is another establishing shot of agent Tony Dinozzo walking into the crime scene talking, followed by a medium shot of him still talking. The next shot, I would say, is an over the shoulder four shot behind Dinozzo and showing Dr. Mallard, Gibbs, Ziva, and Mcgee. After the over the shoulder shot there is a low angle shot again of Ziva while she is talking, followed by a high angle shot of the victim, a medium of Gibbs, and a three shot of Dr. Mallard, Gibbs, and Ziva. The manager of the bank starts to walk towards the agents so there is a two shot with the manager and Gibbs, then a low angle shot of the manager while he speaks, and a medium of Dinozzo, then Gibbs, and back to two shot of manager and Gibbs. Then there is a two shot of Dinozzo and Mcgee while Dinozzo is talking, then a two shot of the manager and Gibbs again. Then a shot of just the manager, then of Gibbs and back to the manager, and back to Gibbs. The next shot is a matte shot of the bank manager followed by a medium of Dinozzo and a close up of Mcgee taking pictures again to finish out the scene. There was no music only the sound of the camera.

The purpose for the establishing shots were for everyone to see the entire room. The low angle and close ups were used mainly because people were talking, they wanted the audience to know for sure who it was that was speaking. These shots are designed to make it look like they are in control of the situation or have power. The high angle shots, mostly of the victim, were there to show some sypathy because in fact he was shot in the head.

There are a lot of medium and low angle shots in this scene because this is a suspense type show. For example, they make sure a lot of the time that the audience does not know who the killer is or what he looks like. The show is intended to keep people watching and wondering what is going to happen next, and overall make special agent Gibbs and his team look like geniuses if/when they solve the case.

The very first thing I would want would be for my students to figure out where they want their establishing shot. In the scene I just described, it didn't show up right away, which isn't a big deal as long as they make it so that the audience can see everything thats going on at least once. I would want my students to use a variety of shots to tell their story, but I would want their shots to have the right purpose for being in that particular position in the film. They surely can edit it later if they do not like the way it is at the present, so I would tell them not to sweat too much if it doesn't turn out right exactly perfect the very first time.

February 1, 2009

School board

Just by doing observations at the school I'm going to student teach at, I saw that the teacher uses films in order to help teach his class. He also put up posters around the class room that showed different types of welds and the correct way to weld. Media clearly is present in this setting. I would use media in about the same way because the students have reacted very well to this type of learning. The teacher is there to guide and teach for sure but a consult or an opinion from an expert is sometimes needed. The videos used to aid some of the teachings are from the History channel and are very informational. When I watched some of the videos I learned some things from them. If I were to watch them a few more times I would learn something new every time and this is what I would want of the students as well. The History channel has provided many different types of video that would help in the setting of a shop class. For example, hydraulics, lube, and plastics videos would come in very handy if the teacher was not an expert on the subject. In theory I want my class to learn about all of those things even if I am not the expert on them. I would definately use a source of media or television in order to conduct that segment of the lesson plan.

Assignment 1

Yeah its late, at any rate, the one thing I remember the most from the first Beach reading was that the school board member was saying how videos were basically bad for the classroom. I am going to go ahead and disagree. He mentioned Schindlers List. I watched that movie while I was in high school and there was a purpose for it. The purpose was for us students to see what was actually happening durning the Halocaust and that there was at least one German man who knew what was happening with a soul. The reason I say "who knew what was going on" is because people around the concentration camps really didn't know that was going on as hard to believe as that is. Using videos in school, at least I thought, helps students learn. In this case it was pretty hard to imagine what was really going on by just reading text. I do think videos help, however, I also think that the school board member might have been right in a sense as well. Reason, teachers are there to teach and guide students, if they let videos do all of the teaching that doesnt seem correct. Sometimes there are things in some instructional videos that it would be better for an expert that has done that job for hundreds of hours to demonstrate his/her skills to students. But to let the video teach the class in my opinion is not correct.

During the reading it has mentioned multi tasking. For example, watching tv while being on the computer. I am not going to lie, I do that all the time. I will chat with friends and check e-mail, do homework, check facebook (it is almost the devil), and do other things online while I'm watching NCIS and other shows. I have noticed that there are certain kinds of commercials on at different times of the day. For example, during the morning/afternoon while most kids are at school, most of the commercials are ads directed more towards adults. The thought is the children will be at school and will not see Tony the Tiger anyway. The ad's directed at children come on stronger around 3. So toy commercials, cereal commercials, and all the things that would get childrens attention and bug their parents to buy it for them. The super bowl has by far the best commercials. My favorite is the rock, paper, scissors bud light commercial. My favorite overall commercial is the first Mcdonalds Coffee commercial with them two guys. It is funny, at least I think.

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