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I, like a lot of people I know now days have joined facebook. Facebook is truely evil. If a person is not careful it can surely become an addiction and take up mostly all of their time. I am addicted to a game on facebook called Fish Wrangler. The object of the game is to catch fish and gain points to work up to a bigger better pole or a bigger better boat or better skills. Facebook is really a huge social network. People from all over the world can participate. My cousin is in Iraq and just joined facebook so we chatted a little bit the other day. It was nice to talk to him for a little bit before he had to go to bed. One of the guys on my fishing crew is from a different country so people use facebook everywhere. Facebook is somewhat of a good tool for staying in contact with people you don't get to see all that often. However, facebook can be a way to stalk people too and I do know a person that actually stalks people and it is quite creepy. Still, facebook allows people to post pictures and even advertising to their pages. When I fish I notice there are lots of advertisements around the screen. On the top it has mostly advertising video games. On the sides it's more like dating web sites, how to get rich quick methods and sports things. Facebook is really not evil, it's a good tool to get events and such out there for people to know about. It can just be a time suck though sometimes.
One thing I know about youtube is that most of the videos I watch are funny. One video one of my friends showed me was the SNL Natalie Portman rap. Wow, I recommend watching that, it's funny. The very first video I ever watched on youtube was right after Bert Blyleven dropped two F bombs on live Tv from Yankee Stadium in New York. That was funny as well. On a more serious note, youtube has brought fame to some people. For example the Chocolate Rain guy. There is a comment section on all of the videos, and some of the comments can get kind of nasty if the video is really weird or people know the person and just bash them the whole time. I am a fan of youtube because it just makes me laugh. I have never made a video to put on to youtube but I watch them to laugh and occasionally watch some music video. Oh yeah, there is a good way to get out their is put up a youtube video of your band. It could help I guess. At any rate, either of these two tools is a good way to get a message out about anything you want. I recommend not putting out too much personal information out though.