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Obama, Romney Campaign in Minnesota

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both made campaign stops in Minnesota Saturday, reported the Star Tribune.
Obama filled the Target Center with a crowd reaching 20,000, while Romeny opted for a smaller venue at private office complex.
Both candidates spoke in brief of the main issues their campaigns have targeted. Obama brought the crowd gathered in the basketball arena to their feet many times. The explosive cheers evoked by his promise to bring troops home from Iraq, to reform the education and health care systems, nearly drown out the candidate himself, reported the Pioneer Press.
Obama’s speech, which lasted about 54-minutes, emphasized the need for hope and change in America, according to the Star Tribune.
Romney spoke for about fifteen minutes, focusing on the “need to fix Washington the Republican and conservative way.?
Both candidates are traveling across the country campaigning in these last few days before the February 5 caucuses that will take place in twenty-two states.