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Woman Charged in Death of 4-year-old Boy

Carla Poole, 37, was charged Tuesday with the second-degree murder of her 4-year-old Chicago relative Demond Reed, reported the Chicago Tribune.
Poole was taking care of Reed while he was on a visit from Chicago. She reported him missing last week when she claimed a family friend had taken him.
Police found Reed’s body late Saturday night at the North Minneapolis duplex where he was staying. Police searched the house a second time, which resulted in the finding of Reed’s body, after Poole’s 11-year-old daughter told police that Poole had beaten him, reported the Star Tribune.
The Chicago Tribune reported that Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said that Poole’s children, all younger than 12, told investigators they saw Poole hit Reed. According to their report, Poole’s 6-year-old son said his mother made him and his 4-year-old sibling hold Reed down while she beat him.
After the initial beating, Reed had a seizure and began to vomit, but Poole was too afraid to call 9-1-1, reported the Star Tribune. He died soon after, at which point, the complain states, “the defendant placed a gray blanket over Demond and left him lying on a bed for approximately two days,? reported the Chicago Tribune. Poole’s daughter told police that her mother later moved Reed’s body into a closet, the report continues.
According to the Chicago Tribune, the complaint filed states that after the autopsy it was determined that Reed had “bruising on his head, puncture wounds on his stomach, back and buttocks, a bite mark on his stomach, a large hematoma on his left eye, injury indicating a blunt object had been forced into his mouth, and there was bleeding inside his brain.?
As of Tuesday no cause of death had been released, reported the Chicago Tribune.