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Call for Truce in Order to Resume Peace Talks

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called for a truce between Israel and Palestinian militants before peace negotiations – suspended in protest of Israel’s offensive in Gaza – could continue, reported BBC News.
More than 110 Palestinians have died in Israel’s offensive in Gaza, including an attack Tuesday killing an infant girl and seriously wounding three others, according to CNN.
According to CNN, Abbas told a news conference that he called on the “Israeli government to halt its aggression so the necessary environment can be created to make negotiations succeed.?
He added that at least 20 children and dozens of civilians died in the Israel’s recent offensive and that “no one can justify the killing actions of the Israeli army over the past few days.?
The attacks Tuesday came only hours after U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with President Abbas and called for peace talks to resume, according to the BBC.
Rice said she believed a peace deal within the year is still possible, though it is not an easy task.
She emphasized the importance of a unified focus on peace from all parties, and recognized the recent civilian death toll, saying the Israelis “need to be aware of the effects of these operations on innocent people,? reported ABC News.