September 11, 2006

Rhet 1152- Crossing the Red Line.

"Corssing the Red LIne" is a very mind opening story which tells of the dangers of global warming and the changes we should be making to stop it. The book tells that every presidential administration since Nixon has tried to hide this problem. The United States government would like us to think that it is just a small problem while in fact this story tells a much different side of it all. This leads me to wonder why have we waited so long to adress the problem. I believe that every major government of the world would rather worry about the economy of the country than worry about a global issue. No country had stepped forward and really adressed the problem because they are too worried about other issues. As a human race we have wasted many resources due to science and technology. The technology of the automobile has lead to the combustion of fossil fuel which has caused much of this problem. The last question in my mind is; Are we too late to save the planet?

Rhet 1152- Twilight at easter

The story "Twilight at Easter" is a interesting and scary story about human interaction with the land and the technology used on it. Easter island was very intesting in the fact that its inhabitats killed themselves off due to ignorance. The eleven tribes of easter island had a type of "cold war" which meant silently competiting to see who could build the bigger better tribe. This is much like the world of today in that we as a country are always trying to be bigger and better than every other country. We are trying to keep other countries from building weapons which could destroy us by trying to bully the smaller countries. By doing this we are using the natural resources which we have at an alarming rate. This could easily enable us to eliminate ourselves from this world just as the eleven tribes of easter island did. If the world continues with the use of resources the way it has been, cannibalism may not be out of the question for the future. This story gives a detailed look at a past society and gives a chilling view into the future of our society as well.