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For iteration 1, I think most things go well. We separated the work properly, and finished it on time. One wonderful thing is SVN give us the ability that two people can actually work on the same code and combine them easily. This is really important in this iteration because there are so many tokens we need to take care of, and there is no way for one people to write down all the definitions and regular expression. The other thing we work well is we manage to separate the code into different files, and make main file very clean and clear. Finally, we try to write comments for the code, thus the partner can easily figure out what does the code do. And this is also important for comments in SVN commit.

One thing we definitely need to improve is that when one people changed anything in the repository, he has to make it work before committing. At the beginning we just wrote down most things in the main file to simply things. But when we try to separate the code into different files, sometimes the file just can not compile. Since this process took us some time, once one of us just commit the file without passing the compile process. Then the other person will have on idea how to make it work.

Working in pairs is a interesting but also challenge task. I think there are two key points for teamwork: (1) Everyone has to trust the work from the others. (2) Everyone has to try their best to make sure there is nothing wrong with the work they give to the partners. We need to learn how to be a good team worker during this project.

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