EAM - Enterprise Asset Management

EAM is a business philosophy that integrates strategic planning with operations, maintenance and capital investment decision-making to increase efficiencies of all assets - space, facilities, inventory and people.

Developing and implementing an EAM discipline will help the U optimize investment in asset through the right combination of people, processes and technology.

The high level goals of the EAM project are to develop an EAM strategy for all facilities support functions at the U of M, develop processes to support the strategy and then select and implement an EAM IT system in support of the strategy, people, and processes for the UMN Enterprise.

Facilities Support is the generic term used to describe the function that is responsible for managing and maintaining the buildings, grounds and energy management for the University of Minnesota system.

The UMN system consists of 5 campuses, 400 buildings (29 million sq ft), and 2,700 acres used by 90,000 students, faculty and staff.

Each campus is responsible for supporting their facilities however, certain functions have been centralized due to expense and expertise. These include IT, Space Management, Business Analysis, Records, Call Center and Building Systems and Alarms.

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