SMART EAM - ESUP Integration


The University of Minnesota Enterprise System Upgrade Project (ESUP) is underway to upgrade the U's PeopleSoft system. This project will require integration between PeopleSoft and EAM. SMART core members have become part of EFS huddles to ensure understanding and communication between the enterprise programs.

The current CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), FAMIS, acts as a UServices payroll and financial system for Facilities Management, EHS, Public Safety, USIT, HR and Finance. Facilities Management does most of our procurement through the FAMIS application. The SMART-EAM and ESUP teams will need to determine how and where these functions should reside.

This is what makes our next phase of SMART-EAM so important. The Visioning phase will ask and answer questions like this, as well as scope our future for asset management.

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