1992 - U of MN, in response to a 1989 State Audit launches the first Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the Twin Cities FM department
1999 - FM at the Twin Cities upgrades to a new CMMS provided by FAMIS to manage work orders, purchases, inventory management and capital projects. A naming a contest is held and the decision is made to label the new FAMIS system COMPASS.
2001 - Department of Central Security joins COMPASS when the Key module is installed
2005 - UMD decides to implement FAMIS however they do not join as additional users to the FM TC system. They launch their own version of FAMIS.
2008 - Newly separate Capital Planning and Projects Management team decides to separate from FAMIS and installs a separate Capital Project application called Unifier.
2009 - Office of Classroom Management installs a FAMIS application to manage the space for the U of MN system. This is the third install of FAMIS at the U of MN.
2010 - UMM and UMC join the FM TC COMPASS system.
2011 - FAMIS announced they will discontinue support to the software version in use at the U of MN.
2012 - An evaluation was conducted to determine effort to upgrade to the new version of FAMIS. The effort and expense is deemed to be nearly equivalent to launching a new system. FM begins discussing potential for implementing one system for all Facility functions at the U of MN and the Enterprise Asset Management concept is initiated.

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