Committee Members

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Pam Wheelock - VP U Services (Chair)
Scott Studham - VP and CIO OIT
Fitz Pfutzenreuter - VP and CFO
Steve Lehmkuhle - Chancellor UM Rochester

Mike Berthelsen - AVP Facility Management Twin Cities (Chair)
Steve Levin - CIO University Services IT
John King - Director Facility Management Duluth
Shari Zeise - University Services Finance
Peter Radcliffe - Director Planning and Strategy Twin Cities
Lowell Rasmussen - Chancellor Morris
Rich Connell - Director of Facilities Management Crookston
Bruce Gritters - Director CPPM
Laurie Scheich - AVP University Services Auxiliary Services
Scott Ellison - Associate Director Athletics
Bernie Gulachek - AVP OIT
Amelious Whyte - Student Affairs
Tammy Nelson - SMART Program Manager
Jonas Nygard - SMART Project Manager
Bill Paulus - Director Facilites Management Central Services TC

Recent Entries

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