Resources for Teaching with Technology

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This is a resource list for GWSS community members, produced for the Feminist Teaching with Technology workshop conducted by Rachel Raimist on January 30, 2008 in the Feminist Media Center (FMC), 468 Ford Hall.

Course Website Tools:

WebVista (formerly WebCT):
- request a WebVista Site:
- most widely used course website system on campus

- course website tool that has simple interface for students

UMN Supported Technologies:

Web Mail:
- interface to check email from any computer connected to the Internet

MyU Portal:
- your information and technology gateway at the U
- MyU Portal Tutorial:

UMConnect (formerly Breeze):
- on-demand and live communications over the web for classes, conferences, and presentations
- Example of Breeze Project for GWSS 3307 Feminist Film Studies -

UMChat / Jabber: j
- campus chat tool

- university calendaring system, great for booking group meetings

UMN Wiki:
- editable webpages

CLA Netstorage:
- storage system; great for file backups

Electronic Portfolio:
- secure web site at the University of Minnesota for entering, saving, organizing, viewing, and selectively sharing personal educational records

Personal Webspace:
- your free space on the web

CLA Media Mill:
- site to help you convert, compress, archive and distribute video and audio content on the web
- overview video is here

Blogging at the University of Minnesota:

UThink Blog Homepage:
- Start your own blog:
- Learn about ways to use blogs:

Examples of GWSS Course Blogs:
GWSS 1001 - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
GWSS 3302 - 1
GWSS 3306 - 1
GWSS 3307 - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
GWSS 3390 - 1
GWSS 4103/5104 - 1
GWSS 4403 - 1
GWSS 8490 - 1

Examples of UThink Feminist Personal / Community Blogs:
GWSS Community Blog -
Rachel's Spot -
Feisty Femmes -
UofMFeminist -
CyborgsDoDance -
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast -

Technical Training:

University Technology Training Center:

UTTC CLA Get Wired FREE classes:

Self-paced CD-Rom Tutorials (FREE!):
Online Tutorials:

Teaching with Technology Support:

Academic and Distributed Computing Services:
- ACDS runs the help desk, can help with privacy and security issues (passwords), free Microsoft Office and other software for all students and faculty

ADCS Technology Helpline:
- call 612-301-4357 (on campus, dial 1-HELP) for any computer / tech help

Digital Media Center (Helping Instructors Teach with Technology):
- articles, podcasts, information, funding and resources for teaching with technology
- DMC Teaching Strategies Site:

University Computer Services:
- software purchases, refurbished computers for sale

CLA Office of Information Technology (CLAOIT):
- free loaner computers, video and digital still cameras, tripods

- discounts on new and used hardware, discounted software

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Great workshop!


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