Rethinking the University: Knowledge, Labor, Value

Please join us in ?Rethinking the University? on April 11th - April 13th,

This conference has been collectively organized by graduate students to
bring together thinkers from across the campus community and national
academic community to address the ?crisis? of the university as it had
continually been transformed by neoliberal forces. The recent AFSCME strike
at the University of Minnesota and other academic labor struggles continue
to expose the university in crisis, yet we need to further develop both our
intellectual and organizational capacities to effectively address these
crises. Our hope is that this conference will be productive in discussing
and thinking through these issues, and bring together a community bound to
the university in crisis.

Although the conference has scheduled presenters, we want to have
participation from all our attendees in discussing the issues raised by our
presenters?most importantly, to have participation from all sectors of the
community. We hope to put into conversation workers of all types:
university staff, artists, lecturers, union organizers, students,
professors, and community activists, all of whom have a stake in shaping
the future of the university. Please pass along this invitation to your
connected community, campus, labor, and other groups that have a shared
interest in our educational system.

This conference will take place over three days. Friday will focus
generally on questions of neoliberalization and corporatization of higher
education and the casualization of academic labor. Friday's meetings will
be held on the University of Minnesota's West Bank campus, at the Carlson
School of Management (2-213). Friday night, we will be hosting a reception
in Ferguson Hall. Saturday and Sunday will look at questions of
alternatives, including campus labor organizing, radical pedagogy, and
other strategies of resistance. Saturday and Sunday will be held on the
East Bank Campus at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Nolte Hall, Room
140), and we will have a dinner on Saturday night at the Bell Museum.
Please see the conference program for more information:

Please note that this is a FREE and OPEN conference. Funding for this
conference has been generously provided by grants from Student Activities
and GAPSA, along with generous donations from CLA Departments, the
Institute for Advanced Studies, and AAUP. We hope that you are able to
attend all the sessions, but feel free to partake even if you can only
attend a few sessions.

We are looking forward to rethinking with you,

The Conference Collective
Morgan Adamson
John Conley
Isaac Kamola
Stephen Koskela
Eli Meyerhoff
Lucia Pawlowski
Amy Pason
Matthew Stoddard


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