November 5, 2008

Feminist Pedagogy Group

Anyone interested in starting an informal feminist pedagogy group? I am currently teaching Feminist Pedagogies (Feminist Pedagogies syllabus) and am really enjoying talking and learning more about feminist teaching theories and strategies. I would love to continue the conversation with GWSS grad students and/or other faculty members. We could share strategies, get advice, exchange syllabi, critically reflect on pedagogical theories (and anything else related to teaching).

Let me know if you are interested. You can post a comment to the blog, email me at, or stop by my office (Ford 429).

Spread the word...

-Sara Puotinen

March 13, 2008

Watch Our First Videos [digital stories]! Be PATIENT while they load.

In GWSS 3390: Feminist Media Making, we made our first videos: digital stories. Read about the digital storytelling movement here, here, and here.

Watch all of digital stories on our course blog.

Here's a peek of some of our work: [If you only see a blue Q, click "Refresh"; he arrow in a circle on the top of your browser's window.]

"Brittany's Boob Project"

"Used to."

"Defining Home"


Watch all of digital stories on our course blog.

January 23, 2008

UMN Feminist Blog - Feisty Femmes

Check out the UMN Feminist Blogosphere: