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Thirty-six days.


As I am packing up my apartment and being outside as much as possible in the beautiful Duluth weather, I can hardly believe that I will be leaving for Spain in a few short weeks! The last few days have been filled with buying tickets and attempting to make Spanish food in preparation for our trip! My friend and I made Paella last night, which is a traditional Spanish dish made of rice, vegetables, and seafood; we improvised with chicken, however!

I will be studying in Salamanca, a city of around 160,000 people, which is not much bigger than my hometown of Duluth. The University of Salamanca, where I will be taking classes every day, is known for the students who come to learn Spanish. I just found out that I will be living with a single woman in her 60s when I am there. I think the experience of living with in a home will be so incredible. I can't wait to be there!

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