Culture....always adjusting:)

We've been in Salamanca almost two weeks now! Mostly it feels like I just got here a couple days ago, but other times I think about all that I have experienced and I feel like we've been here for months.

As a group we've been talking a lot about adjusting to culture. Most would think of culture shock as occurring in a place where there is no clean water and you sleep on the dirt floor. However, many of us are experiencing hard times as we learn to live in a new place, wonderful as it is.

Learning how to communicate is such a huge challenge. Even though all of us know quite a bit of Spanish, it's difficult at times to completely express what you want to say. This can be difficult! It's frustrating at times to constantly have to think before you speak....which maybe isn't a bad thing:D

Learning how to adjust is just as much a part of this trip for me as learning Spanish. I love culture and the different ways people live around the world. It is so fascinating to me, and even though it is difficult at times, we are all growing so much in so many more ways than just our language studies!

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