Time passes so quickly!

I can't believe we have only a little more than a week left! At first I felt like we would be here forever, and now it's almost done!

This is such a beautiful place. Everyone should come to Spain at some point in there life:) Living with a family has been such an incredible experience. It allows me to be a part of the life here in such a special way. Even as we watch the news together I feel like I get to be part of my host mom's life. This week I went to mass with her and a friend. We picked up her friend on our way. Every week my host mom picks her up and helps her to church because she can hardly walk. We walked a few blocks to the church and went inside for the service. There were probably seventy people in a giant church and there were maybe two people under the age of 60. I couldn't believe it, but I think its very common in Spain. Even though there is such a strong Catholic heritage, most people are far from religious. Even though I wasn't quite sure what was going on most of the time, it was an eye-opening experience. Afterwards we went to the house of my host mom's friend and ate icecream and sat on her balcony overlooking the city. They thought my blond hair and blue eyes were pretty exciting:)

The most rewarding parts of this trip have been the times I have been able to get glimpses of the Spanish way of life. Even more than language or study of the history, I have enjoyed sitting with my host mom at night while she irons and we talk about the different issues facing Spain or what her life is like. I still cannot believe I have the opportunity to be immersed in such a rich culture!

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