World Cup Finals!

A tip to anyone who loves to experience new things: go to the country that is playing the finals of the world cup! It is so crazy here. We watched the semifinals a couple days ago in the Plaza Mayor with hundreds of Salamentines (locals from Salamanca). It was SO exciting!! Restaurants line the inside of the plaza and they put up huge tvs everywhere. Flags were everywhere and EVERYONE was wearing a jersey! It was amazing. Needless to say, chaos ensued when they won! My walk home was entertaining as thousands of people, most of whom had had a little too much to drink, ran down the streets. I feel like I'm getting the chance of a lifetime to be here tonight! Go EspaƱa!!!!

Living in a home has been such an incredible experience! I have learned so much more about the culture than I would have if I had stayed with my group the whole time. My host mom is incredible. She won't let me do anything by myself! She washes our clothes and irons EVERYTHING! Today she explained to me how much better an ironed towel is than a non-ironed towel! Apparently there is a huge difference.

We went to Leon and Zamora yesterday. After a day of touring TONS of cathedrals and castle ruins I was extremely tired, but it was an amazing day. There is so much history here, it makes me feel so unaware of the culture and people that lived in America hundreds of years ago. I realized how everything in the US is so NEW. I'm not sure if I could tell you what Minnesota was like in the 800s!

Hasta Luego!

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