May 21, 2005

First entry

The Wine and good discourse web log begins! It begins with a bottle of Pinotage from South Africa. The vineyard is titled Zonnebloem and it is a 2003 vintage. I must admit it is not the best wine I've tasted, but the aroma is enchanting. It is reminiscent of a Pinot Noir. The aroma seems to consist of a pungent cherry and blackberry scent with earthy soil, tar, and light grapefruit undertones. The flavor is predominantly an earthy soil flavor with the tactile sensation of a Shiraz. The underlying flavors are that of the citric grapefruit and blackberry which squeeze through the soil flavors. The soil flavor is not one I am usually fond of in general; this is where my lack of enthusiasm comes from (with the aroma as an exception.) The Tannins of the wine make a good structure for aging (according to the bottle 5-8 years.) As of today, May 21st 2005, the tannins are a little over powering and would be better with some aging. The color is nice, also reminiscent of a Pinot Noir. A nice light ruby red mixed with hues of brown at the core. An important note: Although I encourage great discussions of wine and its properties, I am also very interested in the growth of grand discourse on any topic in general and with a specific desire to see the discourse revolve around Political, Legal, Philosophical, and potentially economic issues (as it relates to the previous three.) Thank you to anyone interested in participating!

Posted by habe0088 at 7:32 PM