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Death Wishes

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I want my body to be taken into the woods, which wood is arbitrary, but not highway woods. My children, spouse and closest friends are to take me there, build a big pile of wood, like the platform made for Faramir in Lord of the Rings. Then lay me on it and set it on fire, like in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. Then a celebration, one to make the newly freed ewoks jealous.

Describe phone call you wish you had

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Pat: Hey Mr. Sun, where the hell have you been?!
Sun: I'm on business in the other hemisphere, I'll be out of the Minneapolis office for a while.
Pat: I think your going to have to come back
Sun: Do you know who the F*** your speaking to, I AM THE SUN!

Sun hangs up phone

Say goodbye.

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Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. It just feels easier to keep holding on. But in the long run it's usually a good idea to let go, it's the daring thing to do. It allows room for new things, for transformation. And maybe the goodbye isn't even forever, but you can't know until you really say goodbye and mean it. In some cases, goodbye is really the end, and good riddance! For this assignment, say goodbye to all the things you need to let go of: bad habits, dead people, alive people, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, self-destructive feelings and behaviors, jobs, projects, re-occuring thoughts, etc.

Write it as a simple list:

Goodbye Bill.

Goodbye wetting the bed.

Good bye interrupting people when they are talking.


It can be as long or as short as you like. And, most importantly, take a moment with each one to really say goodbye. This isn't a catalogue of your fears and faults, this is a ceremony to bid them farewell.Please don't send us HELLOS, only goodbyes.

Goodbye house on the hill.
Goodbye sleep deprivation.
Goodbye mess.
Goodbye resentment.
Goodbye Josh.
Goodbye indecisiveness.
Goodbye guard.
Goodbye blue Trek.
Goodbye Maggie.
Goodbye Mo.
Goodbye perfection.
Goodbye over-scheduled life.
Goodbye clutter.
Goodbye pessimism.
Goodbye insecurities.
Goodbye being the middle person.
Goodbye chemical escapes.
Goodbye Catholicism.
Goodbye atheism.

Assignment 44 - "Make a LTLYM assignment"

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Emily Anderson-

Assignment: Take a photograph of your eye and tell what you'd like to see from everyone on a regular basis.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On a regular basis I would like to see peace. I would like to see patience, change for the better, and hope. I would like to see love and friendship, respect and courtesy. I would like to see determination and drive. I would like to see faith, knowledge, and modesty.

Assignment #50

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(Ring Ring. . .)

(Ring Ring. . .)

B: (Extended yawn). . .Hello?

P: Shouldn't you answer your phone a bit sooner than that? I can't exactly call every day. (Amused chuckle).

B: . . .Do I know you? Who is this?

P: Well I can't exactly blame you for not recognizing my voice. I'd have thought maybe the accent would have been a hint, but the dead do not call the living all that often.

B: . . .You're not me are you? You sound an awful lot like me. . .kind of.

P: Well, at least you got closer. I'm your granddad. Nice to speak with you- well, at least at an age where you are capable of actually responding back.

B: Ok. . .I think I am going to hang up now.

P: Ah- hold on a moment, I can prove it to you. (Tells something so personal even computer text would be incapable of rendering it). . .

B:. . . . . . . . .Ok, I am listening.

P: Good- nice to know you're a boy- excuse me, man now- with some sense. I just wanted to tell you, I'm proud of what you've done. I've seen your mistakes, and I've seen what you have worked for- and I am really proud of it all. I am sure you've heard about me- the few bits and pieces that the others have let slip out here and there. Some of it is true, and some of it is just storytelling- and I wish I had time to set it all straight. But know that they are not wrong when they point out what you got from me. . .And maybe you will do better than what I did. At the very least I know you can avoid my mistakes.

B: I always wish I could have spoken with you. La Mere said she always thought you were around on all my big days.

P: (Chuckle again) Well, admittedly, maybe not all. First of all- you've just had a lot of big days. And even when you're dead, they can still run you ragged. Worst thing is, it's really hard to get a good cup of coffee here- though the dancing may make up for it. But back to the point- I also know what the rest is doing, and don't let it get you, your mum, or anyone else down. We are like our whole family has always been- tough, strong, survivors. You have it in you too. Just never give up. Look at me- even death hasn't put me down.

B: I've never been good at saying. . .

P: -- And you don't have to. I already know. So does the family. But, like any good bottle, I am just about out. I don't know I will ever call again but. . .

B: (Smiling) I already know. So does the family- you don't have to say it.

Phone: Static. . .


Assignment #50 Take a flash photo under your bed.

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Learning To Love You More Assignment #53

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Advice to Jessica Martin at age 16 (to 18)

Do NOT let your parents buy the red escort! The thing is a piece of shit. The engine will quit working, as well as the transmission and you'll be without a car for the next 3 years of your life (maybe longer). Of course Dad will not help you get a new one, so don't be stupid, you know how he is.

Try to be as respectful to mom and dad as you possibly can. Living in the house will be a lot easier if they don't think you're "mouthing off" or "being lippy" every other day, when really you just have a smart-ass sense of humor.

SAVE YOUR FREEKING MONEY. I realize with your spending habit that this will be challenging, but trust me, one day you'll be signing your life away to a college loan for over $6000 with no way to pay for it.

Let Tony go. The sooner you do it the better. You know how this cycle works. Don't be scared he'll forget about you, I know for a fact that he won't.

Don't be scared to go to as many concerts as you possibly can. In fact, buy tickets for

Rockfest in Wisconsin without giving it a second thought.

Never stop running.

Don't try tanning beds. They make your skin super dry and it's just not fun.

Whatever you do, DO NOT DATE TYLER. His existence is a joke to humanity. He's seriously THE biggest douche bag you will ever know. Save yourself the time and the tears, hunny. No one this stupid, mean, and hurtful is worth your time and will only break you down.

Don't be scared for college. It'll be the best time of your entire life (so far). Just relax.

Don't be scared to sneak out once you get your car. Your parents literally will NEVER find out

Don't wrap grandma's van around a pole in a parking garage.

Don't eat Leeann Chins for mom's birthday, you will get terribly sick.

You love art. Try to take more art classes in high school. You have the opportunity to focus more on business in college.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR HEADERS AND SECTION NUMBERS IN YOUR FASHION MERCH PAPER BEFORE STATE!! If you don't you'll be dropped from 2nd place to 4th and won't be able to go to nationals in California. When you find this out, you will calmly walk to the nurse after 2nd hour when you hear the news about your paper score and cry on the phone to your mom for an hour just to calm down. Don't put months of work to waste.
Try harder to have a better time in Kentucky.


#55-Photograph a Significant

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2011-01-27 00.29.31.jpg

This outfit is significant to me because I wore it to coach my basketball team's 3rd game of the season. Our colors are green and whit. I chose the pink tie because one of the players on the team has a pair of hot pink hyper dunks and I thought it would be cool to match.

Learning to Love You More Assignment #54

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Assignment #54- Draw the news. Egyptian rioters run from policemen, studies show that men retain less news content if the anchor is attractive, and Dennis Kucinich files a lawsuit against the congressional cafeteria after claiming that a sandwich containing an olive pit he ate three years ago caused a "loss of enjoyment" in his life. Just another day on planet earth...

Untitled 001.jpg

**Ring Ring**

Me: Hello?

Man: Hello! Am I speaking to Jeff Thorstad?

Me: ...yes?

Man: Congratulations!

Me: For what?

Man: You just won a car!

Me: For real?

Man: Yes, and I'm not bullshitting you at all!

Me: Are you a telemarketer?

Man: Absolutely not! I'm a billionaire! I think you are super awesome and deserve a smokin' hot ride!

Me: wtf...

Man: Yeah, your so cool! ...Like super duper neat!

Me: Ok? What kind of car is it?

Man: Who gives a shit, it's FREE! I'll let you decide what car you want!

Me: So I can choose any car to receive from you, for free? What is your name?

Man: Dr. Joseph Miggleshornby, and yes, any car. You name it.

Me: Ok, can I have some time to decide?

Man: Nope, right here... right now... you name it.

Me: Shit.

Man: Alright, you got it!

Me: What? I didn't even say anything.

Man: You said "Shit", therefor you're getting a Ford.

Me: Wait, what? Which model.

Man: It doesn't matter, they are all shit!

Me: Wow, mysterious billionaire man, you're so awesome.

Man: No, you're awesome.

Me: Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

The End

Learning To Love You More Assignment #10

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Response to Christo & Jean Claude's "The Gates"

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I didn't initially like the overall look of what they were creating here, but after looking at some of their other work it made sense. I applaud their work, especially the scale at which they do it. When i was looking at their other "pieces", I noticed a pattern with the "wrapping" of various buildings and trees. Their work is so neat and on a high financial and intellectual level. My favorite work that they did would probably be the "Umbrellas" piece. their landscape was so vast and the vivd blue and yellow color choice was also really appealing. Their take on art is very revolutionary in my opinion and I am intrigued to research more of it.

Learning to Love You More #11

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#11 Photograph a scar and write about it.


In kindergarten I was playing on the playground during recess and I ran under a giant metal slide...but i forgot to duck. I hit my head and i had to get stitches, resulting in a permanent scar and bump on the left side of my head.

Learning to love you more #27

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The invisible Sun


I took a picture of the Sun. Even though we can't see it, we all know it is still there.

Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA

Learning To Love You More

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Goodbye Sammy. The day started slow and slowly grew better. The night had finally decided to show as we said goodbye to wasting our day. We were ready for the night, to say goodbye to your younger age and to welcome getting older. Morgan and Nelson were there for the experience with us, all for the celebration of goodbye and welcoming a new day. The night was full of great times, great moments, and lots of great laughs, one of those nights that are hard to forget. All the wonderful people present to celebrate such a special day with little Sammy. We could live that night forever and ever, but we all know there is no such possibility. So as the night grew dark and cold, we knew the night was coming to a close. Everyone was leaving and falling asleep, but I had one more set of words to speak. Goodbye little Sammy. Happy Birthday.

Matt's Shoulder Constellation

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Learning to Love You More
Assignment #9

Thumbnail image for 364.JPG

Learning to Love You More #55

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#55: Take a photograph of a significant outfit.

-I chose this assignment because it was very vague and it left a lot of room for interpretation. Technically, an outfit is just a combination of cloth that goes well together. I got to choose the cloth and I got to choose what I believe works together.

Interpretation is a wild thing.


Response to Red76

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Making people think, making people imagine, making people question, that is what art does and is supposed to do. In order to embrace art one must often view it with an open mind, they must "think outside the box" or outside the canvas. Not all art is something drawn, sometimes art is a misplaced sign or a large mural on the side of a building or a sign put somewhere for all to see that poses a question to society. These things make you think, make you question, and in a way rebel against the norm of society, causing chaos at a mental level. Red 76 does this in the many projects that they partake in. One particular one is a project called City Signs. In this project Red 76 went around with cardboard and redrew street sign in a rough fashion then tapped them over their similar signs. An example would be a drawn stop sign over an actual stop sign, or a drawn one-way sign over an actual one-way sign. This was to test if people would believe the sign, trusting those around them, their peers, or trust the governments sign, or disregard the sign as a whole. The test was to question, and I found this project very interesting, and in a way I want to test it out myself and document the results.

Well...Goodbye then

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Goodbye eating unhealthy 24/7.
Goodbye interrupting
Goodbye not studying...ever
Goodbye not doing homework till the last minute, doing well so far
Goodbye sleeping till noon
Goodbye skiping class
Goodbye holding grudges
Goodbye judging upon first impact
Goodbye 2010
Goodbye chasing women
Goodbye comfy futon at home
Goodbye old friends
Goodbye parents and sibling
Goodbye chores, you are not missed
Goodbye curfew...not that i ever really followed you anyway
Goodbye money
Goodbye NO responsibility
Goodbye goodbye...ima stick with Hello for a while

Saying good bye to the past, and hello to the future

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Good bye to the small town of Zimmerman, hello Minnepolis.
Good bye to everybody knowing who you are, hello to just being a number in a big city.
Good bye to Zimmerman highschool, hello University of Minnesota.
Good bye to the class of 130, hello class of 7,000+.
Good bye to all of my old friends, hello to making new friends.
Good bye to all the fun we had, hello to all of the new fun ahead of me.
Good bye to the highscool sporting events, hello college sports.
Good bye to playing sports, hello to being a fan.
Good bye to living at home, hello to living on my own.
Good bye to my past, hello to my future.
Good bye to you.


Artist Response for Tuesday 2.1.11



Please post a 150 word response to the artists discussed in class on Tuesday.

Here are links to their sites:


Christo & Jean Claude's "The Gates" original explanation as a reference

Red 76

Nina Katchadourian

If you liked or disliked something, please explain why. If you did not understand something, please say why or why not in your response. Please do not re-explain what was presented, rather give your overall thoughts on how you felt about the artist's work.

Learning To Love You More

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~Miranda July

Choose an assignment from Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher's website "Learning to Love You More" and post it to the blog by Thursday. We will look at them in class.


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Highspeed-exploding watermelon

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Time Warp Water Ballon to the Face

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Grape Lady Falls

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Watermelon Headshot-Hoax Proof

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Artists Discovered on Youtube

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As a marketing major, the idea of wiki sites intrigues me. Giving people the ability to share things like videos with others or market their work through Youtube seems to be a growing pheomena that leaves many people in the marketing industry wondering, "How exactly can I take advantage of this?" We all know that these people did...

Many currents stars had to start somewhere. These particular artists just so happened to have gotten their start online. Ever since Youtube's lauch in 2005, Youtube has become a widely known format of mass communication and discovery, and the following artists knew exactly how to take advantage of it.

Arnel Pineda - Journey's New Singer

Taylor Swift

Justin Beiber

Usher had "Star Search" to launch him out of obscurity at age 13. His new protégé, Justin Bieber, had YouTube. At 12, Bieber was posting homemade videos of himself on YouTube and industry insiders starting taking notice.

"It had a hundred views, then a thousand views, then ten thousand views, so I just kept posting more videos and more videos," Justin, now 15, says in a soft voice. "Eventually, I got found by my manager who flew me to Atlanta to meet Usher."

Owl City

Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters - This Dutch singer-songwriter attracted the attention of Justin Timberlake in 2008, who later went on to sign her to his label Tennman Records. In 2009 she released her debut studio album "Outta Here". The album reached number five in the Netherlands. Her debut single, also the title song of the album was released in the Netherlands in 2009. So far it has reached the top 10 in several European countries

MTV, Liquid Television, and Animation

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MTV, prior to its slow descent (or some could say decay) into the realm of nigh continuous reality television productions, it released fiction shows. One of the most notable came out in the early 1990's, known as Liquid Television. This show was actually a series of shorter clips featuring both live action and animated segments. These animated segments often featuring new and unique forms of animation, and gave birth to many new and intriguing forms of animation, such as The Head and Cartoon Sushi. This would give rise to many iconic series in the world of animation, such as Beavis and Butt-head, Æon Flux, and The Maxx. These series would also give rise to further popular animated series, such as Daria, taken from a semi-recurring character from Beavis and Butthead. While B&B was the original series, the quality of writing and humor was far more advanced in this new spin-off series, leading it to outlast its predecessor and spawn two short films.

The Head featured a shakier style of animation, and contained what many perceived as disturbing imagery. The story featured a man named Jim whose head spontaneously grew enormous, and became home to Ray, a small purple alien.

Cartoon Sushi featured a broader variety of clips, not really possessing any sort of consistent plot from one segment to the next. This animation however had a much smoother style compared to others, such as Beavis and Butthead or The Head.

Beavis and Butt-head, by Mike Judge (who would later create King of the Hill- loosely based off a character also contained in this series) became by far the most controversial of segments, as allegations arose that the blatant idiocy and dangerous acts by the title characters were imitated by youth, often with disastrous consequences. All the same, the short segments had a highly successful run, and generated enough popularity to be made into a feature film.

Aeon Flux was a very new style of science fiction animation, originally released as a series of shorts before being developed into an episodic series, often with the title character dying at the end of each clip. Though there was no specific continuous story line, the recurring characters of Aeon Flux and Trevor Goodchild were constantly at odds. The series gained something of a cult status, and was later made into a live action film of the same name.

The Maxx featured a new animation style, which mirrored the inking of a graphic novel. Taken from the series made by Sam Kieth, The Maxx follows the titular homeless superhero and his sometime social worker, sometimes "jungle queen" in a parallel world as they fight the efforts of a sorcerer of sorts known as Mr. Gone. The series addresses many very difficult adult issues, such as divides in feminism, survivor guilt, and rape culture. As such, it attracted a very intellectual audience, but never gained the mainstream appeal of other segments.

Daria, on the other hand, contained much of the same intellectualism, but without the dark edginess of The Maxx. Still, with its smart, acerbic wit, and biting commentaries of education and apathy, Daria attracted a large, broad audience. It generated two films released for television, and a handful of ads and music videos. It remains one of MTV's highest rated shows, and release of the series onto DVD generated both a renewed interest and a second generation of viewers for the program.

The Wonderful World of Show Skiing

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My family has always had an interest in water skiing, it started when we moved to Albert Lea, MN. Known as the "Land Between the Lakes", this is true because there are roughly 25 lakes with the town in the center. One of the benefits to living in this area is the summer days spent on the lake. Eventually my family joined a water ski team that was on the lake i live next to. I joined the Bayside Ski Team because it was a sport that kept me busy during the summers and a good place to meet people that lived in the area. This ski team is particularly interesting because it is a competition show team. Each year we put on a "ski show" which is just like any other stage performance with actors, a plot, loud music and even an intermission. The only difference is that the stage is the lake! We practice our shows four days of the week, take it to competitions and perform the shows every Thursday night of the summer months. The videos I'm posting are some of the acts that I perform in the show.

The first video is of my favorite act to perform, "Around the Boat" or "ATB". It is one of the more risky acts in the show but it is also one of the most rewarding to perform.

The next act is one that I've been working on for the last 6 years, although I'm nowhere near this calibre, I can hope to be this good someday!

The next video is of one of the acts that takes the most patience and strength, this is the one act that you truly have to work as a team to perform. It is also one of the most exciting parts of a show if you are a spectator.

The next act is one that really takes some "Balls" to perform. This is where i have accumulated a majority of my injuries, whether its breaking 4 toes at the same time, rupturing an eardrum or slicing my foot on a branch. When you have a group of guys skimming across the water at 45 mph it can make even the baddest of bad asses rethink their decisions.

This last clip is of a team that started out just like my team. It was small, only did a few shows and was created to have fun. Both our teams have progressed to where they are today because of interest that is possibly a result from YouTube.


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The World Wildlife fund is all about preserving the environment, protecting the future of nature and conserving the planet's natural resources.

People, animals and the environment are all interconnected

Climate change effects us all

WWF 2010 Living Planet Report

Underground Sports: The World of Tricking

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It's one of the lesser known sports, and yet most people today have seen it and don't even realize it. You go to the movies and see Jackie Chan or some other martial arts movie star perform spins, flips, and kicks as they fend off an innumerable amount of bad guys. Now imagine all of those techniques blended into a sport. Although it has come around only recently, the disciplines that make up the roots of the sport have been around for decades, and some even longer.

A few examples from which tricking derives its techniques can be seen in such martial arts as Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Elements of gymnastics tumbling are also seen often.

Most ground movements are derived from the brazilian dancing art that is capoeira.

Thanks to the advent of Youtube, tutorials explaining a wide variety of techniques (such as the one below) have lead to the rapid evolution of the sport as individual progress at a faster pace.

With all of these elements, individuals record and post their Tricking "Showreels" for other enthusiasts to view.


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To explore other places, to experience other situations, to be apart of something exciting. Movies allow us to briefly do this, movies allow us to, for a instant, take part in an adventure of sorts that we normally would not have the means to do. These are a few trailers of movies that interest me, some old and some yet to be released.

Celebrity Diets

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My parents are on a very strict diet and every time we pass a tabloid with a teeny tiny model or actress on the cover they ask "How do they stay that skinny?" and I think that is a really good question. How do these public figures keep flawless? Here are a few videos that show what really happens off the red carpet...

The most common.

The Fitness Freaks.

Cabbage soup diet!?

Baby food diet!?

Apparently they don't do anything..

Sometimes it just goes too far...

Chuck E. Cheese's

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I have been working at Chuck E. Cheese's for three years now and I have had the chance to work with so many great people. When I tell people where I work they always assume I have to be the mouse, but I am actually a party coordinator/hostess and I work with parents so they are able to throw an amazing birthday party for their child. These videos show you what I do and what you can expect when you go to a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant.

Chuck E. Cheese's?

Birthday Parties

Birthday Show/ Dance

Live Birthday Show

Walk Through of Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese's Band at the Store



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The Japanese have been making animations (anime for short) for many many years but there are some anime that have set the standards for todays anime. These are the anime that many all around the world have seen and enjoyed. Watch 7 trailers of anime that are considered the best of the best by many. (They are also my favorite ones.)

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Cowboy Bebop

Ghost In The Shell


Mobile Suit Gundam

Dragon Ball Z

Randy Moss

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Some people love him and some people hate him (Randy Moss).

He was the most electrifying player the National Football League had seen. It doesn't matter what he says or does but he will always be one of the best receiver in the NFL I ever seen.

Best Randy Moss Remix 2010

Pull a Randy Moss

Dissing the Moss

Straight cash

Randy Moss highlights

Randy Moss Press Conference 10-31-2010

Brett Favre

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The Quarterback who will never be forgotten.

Food Crisis

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Here are some videos that describe our current food crisis, and a look at solutions to move us forward.

1. environmental destruction and feeding a growing population:

2. food justice and the farm bill's influence on food prices:

3. chemical impacts on health and environment, & a look at sustainable solutions:

4. urban solutions:

5. hip hop featuring lyrics that equate the food industry's tactics with the violent acts of gangsters and genocidal governments:

Street Art Culture Introduction (Featuring Banksy)

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Banksy on Art

Banksy VS. Museum

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Pier Pressure (The Finale)

Ridiculous Political Campaign Ads.

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Wow! Some people really can sound crazy...

This is a set of 5 political campaign advertisements that actually aired on television. They were found on YouTube from a vast array of different uploaders. Also, I tried to keep all of these videos around 30 seconds in length. Please enjoy this comical series of nonsence!

Thank you.

HAHAHAH Whose testimonial was that? HAHAHAH

Ohh Christine. Could you read that teleprompter anymore convincingly? There's no fooling anyone. We all know you're a witch.

So.. who did you get that last quote from? Anyone important...

Okay, lets be serious... if you can't even handle the "excitement" of being on a lawn sign, you probably cannot handle office.

Questions: Why do you care? Why is that even in your campaign? Maybe it's just me...

Super Bowl Commercials

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One of the best things about watching the Super Bowl is seeing the commercials. It can cost millions of dollars for an advertising space, but the advertisements themselves often get talked about more than the football game. After they premiere during the Super Bowl, many advertisers upload their products commercial onto the internet and YouTube to continue to advertise for free. Here are some of the most popular advertisements from 2010.

By featuring Betty White in their commercial, Snickers was voted to have the top advertisement in 2010.

E*Trade used the humorous E*Trade baby to have one of the funniest commercials in the 2010 Super Bowl advertisements.

Doritos created a contest for people to submit self-made videos in what they call Crash the Super Bowl. They aired 3 commercials that were voted on by the public before the 2010 Super Bowl. Here is the winner from 2010.

Super Bowl commercials have become more controversial over the years. Many parents think some advertisements are to inappropriate for young viewers.

Of course one of the most popular advertisements of any Super Bowl are the Budweiser commercials. By featuring either clydesdales or delivery trucks, they are the most anticipated advertisements for the Super Bowl.


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Theme of a Generation

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Random Video

Backin' Up

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YTSSP - J. Thorstad

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watermelon launch

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Ken Block

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Jersey Shore

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One of my secret obsessions, along with many other avid MTV viewers, is the show Jersey Shore. I'm a fan of t-shirt time.


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Talking Animals!

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Dog is God Spelled Backwards

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Tokyo Tokyo Kyoukoko

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Also called: Free Running. The sport or activity of running through urban areas while performing various gymnastic manoeuvres over or on man-made obstacles such as walls and buildings.

Angry man

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Buffalo Chicken Wings

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Josh Enerson

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NFL players Mic'd Up

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YTSSP - Hitchcock Cameos

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Hitchcock appears in 39 of his surviving 52 pictures. Here are some of my favorites.