Response to Red76

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Making people think, making people imagine, making people question, that is what art does and is supposed to do. In order to embrace art one must often view it with an open mind, they must "think outside the box" or outside the canvas. Not all art is something drawn, sometimes art is a misplaced sign or a large mural on the side of a building or a sign put somewhere for all to see that poses a question to society. These things make you think, make you question, and in a way rebel against the norm of society, causing chaos at a mental level. Red 76 does this in the many projects that they partake in. One particular one is a project called City Signs. In this project Red 76 went around with cardboard and redrew street sign in a rough fashion then tapped them over their similar signs. An example would be a drawn stop sign over an actual stop sign, or a drawn one-way sign over an actual one-way sign. This was to test if people would believe the sign, trusting those around them, their peers, or trust the governments sign, or disregard the sign as a whole. The test was to question, and I found this project very interesting, and in a way I want to test it out myself and document the results.

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