Brothers Quay

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Before discussing "Street of Crocodiles" in class I was very confused on what was going on in the video. I felt like this video was creepy and spooky. I suppose I felt this way because there were no words to help guide me along with what was happening, and the dark setting with the spooky music is what gave me the goose bumps.
The way they used their music and the dark lighting definitely help set the mood for their video. I am not very familiar with the Brothers Quay work, but I believe they did a great job with the sound and visuals to set the scenario for their piece. I feel that no other music or objects could have worked in this piece because the way they wanted to portray their work, is the way that we all saw it. After discussing the video in class I noticed many more themes that I didn't get to pick up when I watched it. I realized that there was a deeper meaning than just what I saw. To me, I find their work chilling, but I will definitely look into more of their videos to understand them more.

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