Stop Motion Artist Response

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I found the art that was presented to be very interesting; it really brings to light how almost anything can be art. I liked the quote where he states that his job is to create art, not to make sense. I think this sums up art in a great way and it completely opened my mind to all the possibilities of what art can be. From his words and his style of art I can see that his childhood and heritage (being Jewish) play a huge role in the influence behind his work, it comes through in a big way. The shadow precession really interests me due to the abstract yet reality that it touches on, it feels completely obtuse and at the same time it looks like real life to some extent. Another thing I found interesting was the use of oil drawings to make stop motion, something like this must have taken immense amounts of time to create but the end result is pleasing to the eye. But out of everything the thing I found most interesting was the way he would play things backward in order to make things look magical or out of this world.

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