Harrel Fletcher

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I really loved Harrel Fletcher because I feel he did a great job of exploring new age alternatives to the concept of basic art. His projects reminded me of homework assignments found on Miranda July's website learningtoloveyoumore, or a project one of my old english teachers would assign me in high school. My favorite piece from Harrel Fletcher was the video about the scars, entitled If It Wasn't Me, It Would Be You. I like the fact that this video draws people in using conversation starters that people normally use to share a similar experience, like the scar someone got from falling out of a tree or catching their arm on a fence. It was art that was not only meaningful, but also very interesting - a very powerful part of his presentation that most artists we've learned about this semester have been lacking. Along with his two other videos, Hello Friend and Babies, I believe Harrel Fletcher really hit the mark on the niche of presentation art that really provokes interesting topics.

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