Harrell Fletcher

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Harrell Fletcher was an artist I have never seen before, the way he makes art is different then what I have seen before. I almost questioned if it was even art at all. The piece that interested me the most was the one with all the scars. It was pretty gross at time, but it is always interesting to hear how some one has earned their scar. Also you could never see the face which made you only focus on the scar so that was a pretty good part to add to the project. Although all his projects were pretty much the same, like the baby faces and all the things he had in his hands. It makes me wonder if you can really consider that art because all he was doing was taking video clips that he had recorded and just showed them all at the same time. I did really like what I seen from him, i just did not think his work looked very challenging. If was to change one thing that he did, I would add a little bit more to the video to make it more interesting, but other than that I think that he did a good job with his projects.

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