Jenny Holzer

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Jenny Holzer was extremely intriguing to me because from a personal point of view I really think words themselves can be the most beautiful form of art because you can connect and apply it to your own life, and things you really care about. My favorite piece of hers was " YOU ARE MY OWN" projection (can't remember where it was actually projected?) I think the goal behind it was the get the audience to think of, who and what is their own, that may be someone or an object that they love, really care about, enough to call their own. Something that has made a big enough impact on their lives to consider it something as big as themselves. I really liked the way she presented it, in the big font, all caps, it suggests that whatever the truism makes you feel, don't deny those emotions. I love the way it made a reflection on the lake, and the scenery behind it. There is so much more for the audience to view aside from the truism itself, and I think many people might miss that.
And YES, I now follow her on twitter.

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