Paul Pfeiffer

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For me, I had a different impression of Mr. Pfeiffer's works than the conclusions we arrived at in class while discussing his works. Keeping in mind his third piece titled "Morning After the Deluge" as well as his comments on the second piece regarding the process in which he made "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" and "The Long Count," I was given a more contemplatively artistic, meditative impression as a motif of his work. I felt that that was a little bit overshadowed by the overarching biblical theme (which is indeed prominent and important, but maybe a little overemphasized considering his Amityville Horror piece as well as his later works tend to deviate from that theme.) His remarks regarding the editing process of his Horsemen of the "Apocalypse piece portrayed a relaxing, meditative process that may not be present in the piece, but overt in The Morning After the Deluge" and I felt that accordingly. His work is clever, insightful, and snide all at the same time, and that is something I aspire to do with my work.

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