Project 2 - Emotion Animation

Emotion(s) Animation

Begin by thinking of two different emotions. Try to choose an object, or a body part other than the human face, to portray these emotions (you may not use dolls, action figures, or toys with faces). Use a series of stop motion animated images and sound to show these emotions. All of your sound must be created by you, meaning, you may not use pre-recorded sound or music. If you wish to compose music, you may do so. Also, there must be sound with your image. Think of Jan Svankmajer's, "Meat Love" short that we watched in class and how he portrays different feelings and emotions with the meat through sound and movement without showing the face. You may use a still camera and FinalCut or MAW.stopmotion to execute your finished piece.

You will be graded on your ability to stick with the original parameters of the assignment.

Post your final piece to media mill before class on March 29th.

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