For Monday (updated - problem solving!)

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Please post your sound pieces to the blog as .wav files. We will be critiquing them on Monday. Please be prepared to discuss how the piece is an extension of you. In other words, how it is a sonic self portrait. You can structure the discussion in any way you like. If you'd like us to listen to it first and then respond, or if you'd like to talk about it first and then have us respond.

Write a short paragraph about the piece, a little bit about what you'd like us to know about it. Maybe there are questions you have for us, or things you thought about while you were composing the piece. Feel free to bring those to the discussion.

Please make sure the pieces are posted to the blog BEFORE class on Monday.

Rachel and I discovered that the limit for a sound file is about 60MB. If you are trying to upload a file that is larger than this, something that may help is to compress the file. Once it is exported as a .wav OR a .aiff (this file format is totally acceptable as well) hit >control >click on the file and there will be an option to compress it. This will create a zip file and you should then be able to upload it to the site. If you have problems, please e-mail me BEFORE class.

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