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Taris, roi de l'eau
I liked that parts were filmed underwater and the different camera angles. The only sound in the video was narration and water sounds. I noticed there was no sound during the slow motion parts and the water noises were silenced during the narration. The water sounds enhanced the piece and I think they should have been continued throughout the whole video. The video's story is about what goes into being a successful swimmer. I related to it because I just attended my first swim meet and I was in awe at how fast these people could swim. I liked that towards the end of the video, it made swimming seem like a form of art.
Eaux D'Artifice
This piece seemed very tranquil. Right away I noticed the blue color and the tranquil music. It triggered my memory of the movie Sleeping Beauty when everyone at the palace is under the spell and everything is at rest. The story in the video is that a woman is walking through a garden at night and she disappears in a fountain. If I had to change something, I would add some very subtle water sounds because I wanted to hear the relaxing sound of the water when I was watching the video.
When I was watching this I got really annoyed because he was only saying "destroy" over and over. "Destroy" didn't sound like a word anymore after about 30 seconds of constant repeating. Then, it started to sound like other words were mixed in and I couldn't tell what he was saying anymore. It was uncomfortable to listen to "destroy" for that amount of time. The sound was very important in this piece because without it, it would just be colored pictures flashing and I wouldn't have felt as strongly about the piece. There wasn't really a story but it reminded me a little of Andy Warhol's work because it was basically the same image in many different, bright colors. I wouldn't change anything about the piece because even though I didn't like the constant repeating during the video, after it was done and I didn't have to listen to it anymore, I thought it was really interesting.

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