William Kentridge

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Post a response to the film watched in class on William Kentridge by Monday, November 8th. I have posted links to several other films of his, as well as the Georges Melies film he referenced.

Think about some of the techniques he uses and their effect.

Watch the full episode. See more ART:21.

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Anything is possible with William Kentridge, because through art you have a voice. William said he did his art for his own interest and pleasure.
His art had some historical stories to tell from Johannesburg South Africa. I found a quote from William Kentridge: Thinking Aloud, “To say that one need art, or politics, that incorporate ambiguity and contradiction is not to say that one then stops recognizing and condemning things as evil. However, it might stop one being so utterly convinced of the certainty of one's own solutions. There needs to be a strong understanding of fallibility and how the very act of certainty or authoritativeness can bring disasters.” The story from South Africa used charcoal animations. The animations had this large fat man devouring everything while there was this struggle going on between the black and white common people.
I like the use of his projected art in Opera. This shows a brilliant use of mediums, theater, music, film, shadow, machine robotics, and torn paper collage. His experimentation paid off. We saw his studio process, which an explanation of a magic trick. Like good magicians like Penn and Teller, William Kentridge can let his skills as an artist stand for themselves. “I’m an artist, I make drawings not sense.”

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