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I am not usually a fan of foreign films in which I have to read subtitles, but this one was different. I really liked how the movie was laid out. It was almost like a "making of the movie" documentary type movie. I really liked the 3rd obstruction. Either go back to Bombay or film it based on how you perceive it. I think Leth did a great job of portraying that portion of the story in a more modern tone. Often times using split screen camera angles depicting an older gentlemen as he went about his daily business. Leth showed how he got ready, how he walked through the town, and how he got around town. I liked the modern twist on a otherwise simple story. I think me least favorite was the 2nd obstruction because it just seemed so degrading to have someone in the middle of the slums eating a elegant meal surrounded by extremely poverty-stricken people. I enjoyed the original piece because of its simplicity but did not think it was the best. I enjoyed the white backdrop because it made the man seem almost god like, but i don't think it gave an accurate representation of the perfect human in the real world. I think the point of giving these objections was the try to get Leth to think outside the box and reinterpret the story in an entirely different context. I feel that Leth did a great job battling the objections. Each of these short stories told a different tale that helped explain who the perfect human was. If I had to give another objection to Leth I think I would ask him to film it in black and white with people he meets off the street. In regards to the meaning behind the title, I think that the perfect human is one who can do all those items discussed in the movie. Generally I feel that everyone has a bit of the perfect human in them. These were all things that ordinary people do.

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