5 Obstructions - Nate Morris

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My favorite version of Leth's five obstructions would be the animated version. I really liked how they took real images and made them seem unrealistic. It almost seemed to be like a dream state to me, because of the animation. I really liked how it separated the realistic aspect and made it more innocent almost, because I felt as though it was just some cartoon, rather than having a meaning. Overall I enjoyed the simplicity. My least favorite version was the Indian one, for somewhat obvious reasons. It was mildly disturbing to see him ignoring poverty and suffering like that, while he enjoyed wealth and good fortune. I thought the obstructions were what really made the film interesting. I found myself wondering how he was going to manage to work around all the different rules set for each version, and it was neat to see the final outcome. I also believe that it created much more of a challenge for Leth, because when limitations are set, that is when one must start thinking outside the box. If I had to set obstructions for Leth, I'm not exactly sure what I would set. Perhaps I would ask him to only use non-living things, because we have found out firsthand in class how hard it is to make non-living objects come to life. In accordance with the film, I feel as though the perfect human is a normal person. No disorders, sicknesses, deformations, nothing wrong with them, mentally or physically. It was not that they are extremely beautiful, strong, and intelligent. It seemed to be more about lacking problems than it did possessing talents.

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