5 Obstructions

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My favorite obstruction was the Cuba one. I enjoyed seeing the challenges that Leth was forced to overcome, and how well he did on it. Only allowing 12 frames per shot really limited his choices, along with having to shoot without any created set.
My least favorite obstruction would be the animated one. This is not because it wasn't well done; it is because I didn't feel that it was really animated. Animation to me is drawing figures, rather than using a computer to make previously filmed shots look like a cartoon.
I think the original was a great starting point, but not necessarily the best. To me, it was too simple, and almost pointless. The new films had challenges to overcome that made it interesting. The point of setting obstructions is to exercise one's ability to make do with little elements. The obstacles make it interesting and challenging.
If I were to give Leth obstructions, I would have him use completely random people for his "perfect," characters. I think this would be interesting to see how Leth works through this.
I think the idea of a "Perfect Human," was to show a person can be portrayed as perfect. To me, it is more about the filmmaker and how he makes people look perfect in appearance and actions. It is really an ironic statement, because no human is perfect. I see it as no more than a filmmaking experiment. I don't think it is possible to truly achieve this, but I do think it is possible to strongly convey this idea to the audience.

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