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Out of the five, the first one I liked the most. It seemed out of all of them to be the most like how I originally thought the obstructions would be. The Idea of putting the person in a place they've never been in, putting odd limits on the movie itself, and even doing something directly opposite of the original movie was to me the most "obtrusive" to making a re-make. The obstruction where he had to pick between going back to Bombay or doing one without any limits just seemed lazy, because of the uncreative "punishment".
I prefer Jorgan Leth's version more merely for the sake of seeing someone re-make an interesting movie, but with limits set on purpose to create a vastly different version.
The point of the obstructions was to put Jorgan Leth to the test, and as said in the movie to act as "therapy" and help him think in a new way. Jorgan Leth worked with the obstructions very well, especially with the India one where he had to show a miserable scene without actually showing it(though admittedly I'd agree that he went about it the wrong way) and also having the courage to have an extravagant meal in an area where people are begging for money.
If I had to set obstructions for another film, I'd probably have him make an old classic movie modern with internet clips, or make one genre of movie into another.
In the movie the idea of "The Perfect Human" seemed to be a semi-normal person doing regular things, yet I can't get my head around the idea that the "perfect human" was depicted as rich--or at least fancy. To achieve a "perfect human" in any media would have to be extremely opinionated and not meant for an audience, for everyone has a different idea as to what "perfect" is and even then if they thought about it they could still continuously find flaws with their own idea of "perfect".

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