reflection on The Perfect Human

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The best obstruction was misery. Here, Vontrier was faced with more than an artistic decision; he was face with an ethical decision. He had to decide to put art before ethics. His decision to make the population visible in the film may have been, in my opinion, a selfish decision, perhaps to ease the guilt of taking advantage of the slum's residents, but it was the right decision. It captured the surrounding misery but also Vontrier's misery.
My least favorite obstruction was re-animating the original. It was well done, but it was simply a compilation of Vontrier's footages from other shoot. Had it been original animation, even if simplistic, it would have better. That might have been the intention of the obstruction: to create something completely different from the Leth's original through a new medium.
Leth's original film is my preferred version. I like it for its simplicity; it was shot in black and white with minimal sound, and its purpose was to portray a human. Vontrier's rendition were held back with a the obstructions, and a lot of experimentation.
If I was to give Vontrier an obstruction for recreating The Perfect Human, the film must be as stylized as possible while keeping the simplicity of the original.

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