The Five Obstructions

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My favorite of the five obstructions was #2. I was inspired by Jorgen Leth's take on a miserable place without showing it. Reenacting the jumping and shaving scene was much more interesting with people as background noise, interacting with him indirectly. My least favorite was the Cuba scene, not because it was too challenging to recreate or too simple, but I think he could have pushed the idea further. I would like to see more animation because his execution was beautifully composed and original. I believe that achieving "the perfect human" is possible in any media, considering that human beings are so complex, similarities can be found anywhere in nature or synthetic nature. The original film captures the fragile beauty of our being, asking lingering questions like Why is joy so whimsical? And happiness to brief? An obstruction I would place on Leth for another film would be to represent the perfect human using anything but a human being as subject matter.

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